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  1. How Much Is Enough? Expanding Broadband in Germany

    teaserImage How should broadband targets in Germany be concretely defined beyond 2018? The road to the gigabyte society is discussed in ifo Schnelldienst 20/2016 by Dorothee Bär, German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, Peter Knauth, German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, Wilhelm Eschweiler, Federal Network Agency, Wolfgang Kopf, Deutsche Telekom AG, Valentina Daiber, Telefónica Germany, Wilhelm Dresselhaus, Nokia Deutschland, Iris Henseler-Unger and Christian Wernick, WIK-Consult GmbH, Justus Haucap, Ulrich Heimeshoff and Mirjam Lange, University of Düsseldorf, as well as Oliver Falck and Andreas Mazat, Ifo Institute. Details

  2. Ifo Business Climate Index for Eastern Germany Rises

    teaserImage The Ifo Business Climate for trade and industry in the eastern German Länder brightened once again in October. Eastern German survey participants were slightly more satisfied than last month. They also reported a more positive short-term business outlook. Details

  3. Hiring by German Companies Continues Unabated

    teaserImage German companies are planning to recruit more additional staff this month. The Ifo Employment Barometer rose to 110.7 points in October from 110.2 points last month, reaching its second highest level ever. Companies in nearly all branches are continuing to look for additional personnel. Details

  4. German Manufacturers’ Export Expectations Continue to Climb

    teaserImage German manufacturers are expecting a significant rise in the number of orders from abroad. Their export expectations rose from 8.8 balance points in September to 14.1 balance points in October, marking their sharpest upturn since February 2013. German exporters are increasingly benefiting from the brighter world economic situation. Details

  5. ifo Branchen-Dialog (Ifo Industry Colloquium) 2016

    teaserImage The Ifo Industry Colloquium takes place on 9 November 2016 and is conducted by the Ifo Institute in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Munich and Upper Bavaria, and with the support of the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technology. Details

  6. Ifo Business Climate Continues to Improve

    teaserImage Sentiment in the German economy continued to improve this month. The Ifo Business Climate Index rose from 109.5 points in September to 110.5 points in October. Companies were more satisfied with their current business situation. They also expressed far greater optimism about the months ahead. The upturn in the German economy is gathering impetus. Details

  7. German Service Sector: Ifo Business Climate Indicator for the Service Sector Edges Downwards

    teaserImage In the service sector sentiment remained good and almost unchanged from last month. The business climate indicator edged downwards from 32.3 balance points in September to 32.1 balance points in October. Service providers’ assessments of the current business situation were slightly less favourable, but their short-term business expectations improved somewhat. Their willingness to recruit more staff remains high. Details

  8. Diffusion of Energy Turnaround Policy Innovations across Multiple Tiers of Government – Insights from Three Municipal Case Studies

    teaserImage In the framework of the German energy turnaround there are different approaches to establishing new forms of energy supply and promoting energy efficiency and energy-savings at the local and regional levels. Drawing on case studies for Munich, Regensburg and Schönau, ifo Forschungsbericht 74 shows that energy and climate policy varies significantly between municipalities and the diffusion of innovative policy measures is institutionally and effectively rather heavily restricted. Details

  9. Munich Seminars: Three New Scenarios from the World Energy Council on Developments in Global Energy Supply through 2060

    teaserImage To kick off the series of Munich Seminars in the winter semester 2016/17 Dr. Hans-Wilhelm Schiffer, Executive Chair of the World Energy Council’s World Energy Resources Programme, presents the key messages of a World Energy Council analysis presented at the World Energy Conference in Istanbul. The lecture (in German) “Jazz, Symphony, Blues – three new scenarios from the World Energy Council on developments in global energy supply through 2060” will be given on 24 October 2016 at 6.00 p.m. in the Ludwig Erhard Saal of the Ifo Institute and will be livestreamed via the internet. Details

  10. Staff Shortage in Public Service: Proposals by the Saxon Staffing Commission

    teaserImage The eastern German Länder failed to recruit enough new staff in recent years. Thanks to the collective ageing of its personnel, the Länder no longer have enough staff in the short to mid-term to fulfil the tasks that need to be carried out. The final report of the Saxon Staffing Commission presents proposals for forward-thinking staff planning that show how staff shortfalls can be met in a timely manner. The Dresden Branch of the Ifo Institute participated in drafting the report. Details


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