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  1. Ifo Business Climate Index Rises

    teaserImage Sentiment in the German economy improved significantly ahead of the Brexit referendum. The Ifo Business Climate Index rose to 108.7 points in June from 107.8 points in May (seasonally adjusted). Satisfaction levels with the current business situation were only slightly higher, but the short-term business outlook improved significantly. The German economy remains buoyant. Details

  2. German Service Sector: Ifo Business Climate Indicator Rises

    teaserImage In the services sector sentiment improved. The business climate indicator rose to 27.2 balance points in June from 25.1 balance points in May. Assessments of the current business situation, already at a very good level last month, continued to improve. Service providers also expressed greater optimism about the months ahead. Expansive personnel plans, by contrast, were scaled back slightly. Details

  3. Ifo President Regrets Brexit

    teaserImage Ifo President Clemens Fuest regrets the Brexit: "The decision by British voters in favour of a Brexit marks the defeat of common sense. Politics now has to do everything it can to limit the damages. That means ensuring that Britain remains integrated in the internal market as far as possible. Negotiations to that end should be concluded very quickly, so that the phase of uncertainty over future economic relations remains as short as possible.” Details

  4. CEMIR Workshop on Migration

    teaserImage The Ifo Center of Excellence for Migration and Integration Research (CEMIR) is organising a junior economist workshop on migration research to be held on 24 and 25 June 2016. The scientific organizers of the conference are Panu Poutvaara and Till Nikolka, both Ifo Institute. The keynote lecture will be given by Jesús Fernández-Huertas Moraga, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. The event will take place at the Ifo Institute. Details

  5. Brexit – Information on the Current Debate

    teaserImage In a referendum held on 23 June 2016 the citizens of Britain voted in favour of leaving the European Union. The Ifo Institute examined the implications of a Brexit back in 2015 in a study conducted on behalf of the Bertelsmann Foundation. The various scenarios and current assessments by Ifo staff are now bundled in our Brexit topic. Details

  6. Old-Age Poverty Instead of Pension Plans: What Is Going Wrong and Which Reforms Are Required for a Sustainable Pension System?

    teaserImage The level of pension payments is dropping steadily. Company and subsidised personal pensions do not cover the shortfall in pension provision. Experts warn that poverty is set to increase in old age. How can this be prevented? This issue is discussed by Lars P. Feld, Anabell Kohlmeier and Christoph M. Schmidt, German Council of Economic Experts, Peter Hanau, University of Cologne, Dirk Kiesewetter, University of Würzburg, Jochen Pimpertz, Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft Köln, and Martin Werding, Ruhr University of Bochum in the ifo Schnelldienst 12/2016. Details

  7. Over a Third of German Manufacturers Fear Business Losses from Brexit

    teaserImage Over a third of German manufacturers fear that a Brexit will negatively impact their business. 61 percent of the manufacturers surveyed, by contrast, expect a Brexit to have no effect on their activities, while just 1 percent expects its impact to be positive. Large companies with 500+ employees are particularly anxious about the referendum outcome and 53 percent expect a Brexit to negatively impact their operations. For manufacturers in the export business, the figure is 41 percent, which is slightly higher than the overall average. Details

  8. CESifo Forum: Retirement of Hans-Werner Sinn

    teaserImage A special issue of the CESifo Forum is devoted to the achievements of Hans-Werner Sinn, former Ifo President. Internationally renowned economists like Nobel prizewinners Edmund Phelps and Robert Solow, German Federal Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble and Bundesbank President Jens Weidmann present their personal view of debates led by Sinn on key economic policy topics. Details

  9. Munich Seminars: Promoting Productivity and Equality: A Twin Challenge

    teaserImage In his speech: "Promoting Productivity and Equality: A Twin Challenge" Christian Kastrop, Director of the Political Studies department at the OECD's main economics department, analyses two global trends: the slowdown in productivity growth and the rise in income inequality. The lecture (in German) will be given as part of the Munich Seminars on 27 June 2016 at 6.00 p.m. in the Ludwig Erhard Saal of the Ifo Institute and will be livestreamed via the internet. Details

  10. Ifo President Criticises German Constitutional Court's OMT Ruling

    teaserImage Ifo President Clemens Fuest has criticised the ruling by Germany’s Constitutional Court on the European Central Bank's OMT programme. “This represents an about-turn by the judges compared to the order for reference of 2014. They have not dared to rein in the ECB's government bond buying to any greater degree than the European Court of Justice. That is a shame because it is obvious that the OMT programme primarily pursues the fiscal goal of preserving highly indebted states’ access to credit," said Fuest. Details


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