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  1. Credit Constraints Hit Historic Low

    teaserImage The credit constraints for industry and trade plunged to a historic low of 14.2 percent in April from 15.2 percent last month. Credit constraints dropped in all sectors, marking a further improvement in the financing environment for German companies. This was mainly due to the European Central Bank flooding the markets with money. Details

  2. Ifo Business Climate Index for Eastern Germany Rises Slightly

    teaserImage The Ifo Business Climate Index for the eastern German Länder rose again slightly in April after three consecutive decreases. Eastern German survey participants’ assessments of their current business situation were marginally better than last month. Their business expectations also brightened slightly. Details

  3. Ifo President Proposes Subordinated Bonds for Euro Countries

    teaserImage Ifo President Clemens Fuest has proposed a new type of bonds for overcoming the debt crisis in the Eurozone: accountability bonds. “For new borrowing in excess of 0.5 percent of annual economic output, which is the upper ceiling agreed in the European fiscal pact, governments should be required to issue subordinated bonds,” Fuest said at the Ifo General Meeting. Details

  4. German Companies Plan to Recruit More Staff

    teaserImage German companies are planning to recruit more staff. After three consecutive decreases, the Ifo Employment Barometer rose to 108.1 points in April from 107.4 points in March and the employment dynamic gained impetus. Details

  5. Export Expectations Fall

    teaserImage German companies are less confident in export growth. Export expectations fell to 4.0 balance points in March from 6.3 points in April. The flagging dynamic in the world economy is continuing to curb growth in German exports. Details

  6. Ifo Institute Annual Meeting

    teaserImage The 67th Annual Meeting of the Ifo Institute will take place on Thursday, 28 April 2016 in the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (Große Aula). As part of Ifo’s Annual Meeting, which is jointly organised by the Ifo Institute and the Center for Economic Studies (CES) at the University of Munich, Prof. Clemens Fuest will be inaugurated as Ifo President. “The European Union at a Crossroads” will be the focus of his inaugural speech. This topical issue will be addressed by other speakers and in a chaired discussion (in English). The event will be livestreamed at 2 p.m. Details

  7. Relationship Between Leadership, Governance and Incentive Structures and the Business Performance of German Banks

    teaserImage The international banking system was at the centre of public debate last year. In the discussion over possible options to improve the stability of the financial system, there is a growing focus on corporate governance at banks. In his thesis, published in the ifo Beiträge zur Wirtschaftsforschung series, Johannes Steinbrecher examines two aspects of corporate governance that have been less extensively examined to date: executive team expertise and non-executive compensation schemes. His empirical analyses are based on two unique datasets. Details

  8. Economists Panel April 2016: Income Inequality on the Rise

    teaserImage In the Economists Panel jointly conducted by the Ifo Institute and the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung economics professors at Germany universities were asked about the current inequality debate (income and wealth inequality) in April. An absolute majority of 63% of the professors surveyed stated that income inequality in Germany has increased since the turn of the millennium. 21% of survey participants did not agree with this statement and 16% was undecided. Details

  9. Upturn Remains Moderate – Economic Policy Lacks Growth Orientation

    teaserImage The Joint Economic Forecast Group presented its spring report to the press on 14 April 2016. In its opinion, the German economy is experiencing a moderate upturn. Gross domestic product is expected to increase 1.6% this year and 1.5% in 2016 at rates that are slightly higher than growth in production potential. The spring report was published in the ifo Schnelldienst 8/2016. Details

  10. Ifo Business Climate Edges Downwards

    teaserImage The mood in the German economy remains positive. The Ifo Business Climate Index for German industry and trade dropped to 106.6 points in April from 106.7 points in March. Although companies were somewhat less satisfied with their current situation, their business expectations brightened once again. The moderate upturn in the German economy continues. Details


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