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  1. Euro Crisis: Should Flexible Exchange Rates between the Euro Countries Be Possible Within Clearly Defined Ranges?

    teaserImage Can the euro only survive in the long run if flexible exchange rates are introduced between the euro countries in a transitional phase? This issue is discussed in the ifo Schnelldienst 6/2015 by Helmuth Jordan, Jordan & Wagner Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH, and Thomas Mayer, Flossbach von Storch Research Institute, Cologne. Details

  2. Export Outlook Continues to Improve for Manufacturing

    teaserImage German manufacturing can look forward to a continued rise in exports. The Ifo Export Expectations rose to 12.2 balance points in March from 11.8 points in February. The robust U.S. economy and the low euro exchange rate are benefiting German exporters. Details

  3. Ifo Business Climate Index Rises

    teaserImage The Ifo Business Climate Index for German trade and industry rose to 107.9 points in March from 106.8 points last month. The index reached its highest level since July 2014. Companies were more satisfied with their current business situation. They also expressed far greater optimism about future business developments. The German economy continues to expand. Details

  4. German Service Sector: Ifo Business Climate Indicator Rises Slightly

    teaserImage The Ifo Business Climate Indicator for the German service sector rose to 23.1 balance points in March from 22.8 points last month. Service providers were markedly more satisfied with their current business situation. They were somewhat less optimistic, however, about future business developments. Service providers intend to recruit more employees. Details

  5. Visual Storytelling: an International Comparison of Childcare

    teaserImage Childcare in Germany is currently undergoing an upheaval thanks to the guarantee of nursery places. What is the situation in other countries? What share of three-year-olds has a publicly subsidised nursery place or another form of care? How are older children cared for prior to starting school? The DICE database provides answers to these questions in explanatory images via Visual Storytelling. Details

  6. The Role of Financial Stability in Monetary Policy

    teaserImage Dr. Jens Weidmann, President of the Bundesbank, will make a speech on the role of financial stability in monetary policy on 25 March 2015. The speech (to be given in German) will be part of the Munich Seminars series and will take place in room B101, University of Munich. It will be livestreamed via the internet. Details

  7. More Trust with More Intense Competition

    teaserImage In the German automotive industry higher levels of supplier trust in car manufacturers/buyers are associated with higher quality parts and tougher competition between suppliers. In a recent CESifo Working Paper Johannes Koenen, Ifo Institute, and his co-authors show – both theoretically and using unique survey data – that higher levels of trust enable manufacturers to obtain important advantages in long-term relationships with suppliers. Details

  8. Computers Impact Teaching Both Positively and Negatively

    teaserImage Using computers in the classroom leads to no improvement in the overall outcomes of math and science students, according to a recent study by the Ifo Institute. The study co-vers the math and science achievements of over 400,000 4th and 8th grade students from over 50 countries using data from the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS). „“But averaging the results masks the fact that the use of computers has opposing effects in different areas”, says Ludger Wößmann, Director of the Ifo Center for the Economics of Education. “If computers are used to look up ideas and infor-mation student outcomes improve; but using computers to practice skills reduces student achievement,” he explains. Details

  9. Ifo Viewpoint: Why the Taxpayer is on the Hook

    teaserImage It has repeatedly been attempted in the media to demonstrate that taxpayers would not have to foot the bill should losses occur from the purchases of government bonds by the European Central Bank (ECB). The ECB balance sheet, it is asserted, is pure fiction. The ECB can conjure up money out of thin air. The gaping holes in such arguments are examined by Ifo President Hans-Werner Sinn in the latest Ifo Viewpoint. Details

  10. 5th Workshop on Labour Market and Social Policy

    teaserImage The 5th workshop on “Labour market and social policy” jointly organised by the Dresden Branch of the Ifo Institute and the Technical University of Dresden will take place on 19 and 20 March 2015. The workshop aims to provide a forum for discussing the latest results from labour market and social policy research, as well as helping junior researchers to extend their networks. Details


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