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  1. Ifo Export Expectations - Results of the Ifo Business Survey for February 2017

    German Exporters More Optimistic

    Feb 24, 2017: German exporters expressed growing optimism in February. The Ifo Export Expectations rose from 12.1 balance points in January to 14.6 balance points this month. These figures point to a clear upturn in exports in the first quarter, with no sign of any “Trump” effect visible to date. Companies that export to the USA even reported a slightly improved outlook. Details

  2. Ifo Employment Barometer - Results of the Ifo Business Survey for February 2017

    German Companies Marginally Less Keen to Recruit

    Feb 24, 2017: German companies were marginally less keen to expand their staff bases this month, but recruitment levels nevertheless remain high. The Ifo Employment Barometer edged downwards to 110.6 points in February from 110.7 points last month. While the employment dynamic is losing impetus in the service sector, it remains strong in manufacturing. Details

  3. Results of the February 2017 Ifo Business Survey

    Ifo Business Climate Index for the Service Sector Falls

    Feb 23, 2017: Sentiment in the service sector continued to weaken in February. The business climate index fell to 108.5 points this month from 109.3 points in January. While service providers were somewhat more satisfied with their current business situation, they expressed less confidence about their six-month business outlook. They nevertheless plan to recruit additional staff. Details

  4. Ifo Business Climate Germany - Results of the February 2017 Ifo Business Survey

    Ifo Business Climate Index Rises

    Feb 22, 2017: Sentiment among German managers improved this month. The Ifo Business Climate Index rose to 111.0 points in February from 109.9 (seasonally adjusted) points last month. Assessments of the current business situation reached their highest level since August 2011. Companies also expressed greater optimism about the months ahead. After making a cautious start to the year, the German economy is back on track. Details

  5. Free trade with Russia Could Bring Benefits for Germany and EU

    Feb 20, 2017: A free trade area for the European Union, Russia and other states would have economic advantages for all concerned, according to model-based calculations by the Ifo Institute. According to Ifo’s research results, a comprehensive agreement between the EU and the Eurasian Economic Community could lead to a 0.2 percent increase in real per capita income in the EU, corresponding to an annual EUR 91 upturn in per capita income. For Russia this increase could be as high as three percent or EUR 235 per year. “These income gains stem from the fact that the economic structures on all sides are highly complementary,” explained Gabriel Felbermayr, Director of the Ifo Center for International Economics speaking at a conference held at the Ifo Institute entitled: “Common Economic Space from Lisbon to Vladivostok.” Details

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