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  1. Ifo Business Climate Germany - Results of the September 2016 Ifo Business Survey

    Ifo Business Climate Improves Markedly

    Sep 26, 2016: Sentiment in the German economy improved considerably this month. The Ifo Business Climate Index rose from 106.3 points (seasonally-adjusted) in August to 109.5 points in September, reaching its highest level since May 2014. Companies are clearly more optimistic about the months ahead. They are also more satisfied with their current business situation. The German economy is expecting a golden autumn. Details

  2. Fuest Criticises Inheritance Tax Reform in Germany

    Sep 22, 2016: Ifo President Clemens Fuest has criticised the inheritance tax reform in Germany as an "employment programme for tax advisors". Details

  3. Business Climate for German Architects Hits Record High

    Sep 16, 2016: The business climate for freelance architects has hit a new record high. The climate is now as good as it was shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall, reported the Ifo Institute on Friday in the latest issue of its Ifo Schnelldienst, which features a survey of freelance architects conducted at the beginning of the third quarter. 54 percent of the architects surveyed assessed their own business situation as good, while only 11 percent described it as poor. As far as their six-month business outlook is concerned, 18 percent of the architects surveyed even expect it to improve further, while only 9 percent think that the situation will deteriorate. 57 percent of survey participants signed new orders and the average order backlog is 6.8 months. In residential construction in particular architects are currently experiencing a boom. Orders for single-family and duplex houses are triple the figure seen ten years ago when orders plunged to a record low. New orders for the planning of apartment buildings were also 10 percent higher than last quarter. Details

  4. German Firms Increasingly Favour Home Office

    Sep 16, 2016: A growing number of German companies are offering their employees the opportunity to work from home occasionally. This share rose from 30 percent of companies in 2012 to 39 percent this year, according to the results of the Ifo-Randstad Personnel Managers Survey published on Friday. Details

  5. Economists Panel for September 2016: German Economists Want Clinton Instead of Trump

    Sep 15, 2016: If German economists could elect the new US President, an overwhelming majority would vote for Hillary Clinton. In the September Economists Panel, a survey jointly conducted by the Ifo Institute and the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and published on Thursday, the former US foreign minister received 74.48 percent of votes, while Trump won just 0.7 percent. Laurence Kotlikoff, the economics professor from Boston, came second with 15.17 percent of votes. Even largely unknown candidates like Gary Johnson (3.45 percent) and Jill Stein (2.07 percent) scored better than Trump. Details

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