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  1. Ifo Business Climate Germany - Results of the March 2017 Ifo Business Survey

    Ifo Business Climate Index Rises

    Mar 27, 2017: Sentiment among German managers continues to improve this month. The Ifo Business Climate Index rose to 112.3 points in March from 111.1 (seasonally adjusted) points last month, reaching its highest level since July 2011. The upwards trend in assessments of the current business situation continues unabated. The business outlook for companies also improved again this month. The upswing in the German economy is gaining impetus. Details

  2. Fuest Calls for EU Budget Reform

    Mar 23, 2017: Ifo President Clemens Fuest has called for a reform of the EU budget. “Under the current institutional framework conditions, huge improvements could be achieved by scrapping the VAT resource and overly-complicated national rebates, and by implementing expenditure reforms,” writes Fuest in the latest issue of the ifo Schnelldienst. Details

  3. German Architects Break Open the Bubbly

    Mar 22, 2017: An elated mood prevails among German architects, who reported another marked improvement in their business climate in the first quarter of 2017. The indicator for the business climate among architects topped its previous record reached in the first quarter of 1990, and was 2 percent higher than six months ago. German architects not only reported improvements in their current business situation, but were also more positive about their six-month business outlook, which more than compensated for the dip seen in the last quarter of 2016. Details

  4. Germany’s Small Investor Protection Act Doesn’t Curb Crowdfunding

    Mar 21, 2017: The Small Investor Protection Act has had no negative impact on crowdfunding in Germany. This is the key finding of a new study conducted by the Ifo Institute together with external economists and legal experts on behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Finance. Critics had feared that the new law would compromise crowdfunding and hamper social and non-profit projects. In reality, however, hardly any social and non-profit projects are regulated by the law, which is why the legal exemption clauses for such projects are of little relevance. “The law has unsettled decision-makers working on social and non-profit projects. In many cases they are poorly informed of exceptions and exemption clauses,” notes Christa Hainz, Deputy Director of the Ifo Center for International Institutional Comparisons and Migration Research. Details

  5. German Manufacturing Fears New US Customs Duties

    Mar 15, 2017: German manufacturers are worried about new tariffs in the US but expect that these will have little effect on sales. A minority is considering production shifts to the US. This is the result of a new survey conducted by the Ifo Institute among 2700 companies in the manufacturing sector. According to the survey, nearly 45 percent expect completely new customs duties, and 36 percent anticipate an increase of existing customs barriers. The introduction of other trade barriers is expected by 37 percent, whereas 28 percent foresee no changes (multiple responses were possible). “The companies do not seem to be over-concerned. Only 18 percent expect a drop in sales, but 6 percent expect an increase and 76 percent foresee no change”, says Gabriel Felbermayr, Head of the Ifo Center for International Economics. Details

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