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Required reading: The causes and lessons of the financial crisis, by Hans-Werner Sinn.
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December 15, 2011

In this issue, inevitably, we have more than one thing on the euro crisis, but also something on religion and suicide, whether to tax the rich, some rankings, and more. Enjoy. And, of course, Merry Christmas!

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Laying down the law 

The Bogenberg Declaration
It is not usual for the Ifo Institute to release public statements together with the Friends of Ifo, one of its advisory bodies. But they deemed the current situation of the European Monetary Union worrying enough to warrant a joint declaration, aimed at opening the eyes of the participants, in particular German Chancellor Angela Merkel, before the Summit of EU leaders held this month in Brussels.
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Taking the plunge

Tax the Rich?
The financial and debt crises have left governments scrambling for more sources of revenue. Calls for taxing the rich more heavily have proliferated – not least among some of the wealthy themselves. But would that make economic sense? According to Nobel laureate Peter Diamond and his colleague Emmanuel Saez, it does.
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I wonder about the disutility...

Suicide and Religion
There is more to the relationship between religion and suicide than suicide bombers. As its turns out, one flavour of Christianity, such as Protestantism, has been found to explain a substantial rise in suicide rates in Prussia in earlier times. Sascha O. Becker and Ludger Woessmann explain which elements of its religious doctrine play a role.
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And this should be some kind of plumbing?

Target for Dummies
'Staying on target' has taken on a new meaning in the Eurozone. More than hitting a particular goal, it has to do with a certain kind of plumbing. As Hans-Werner Sinn first pointed out earlier this year, massive imbalances are accumulating in this interbank plumbing that could have malodorous results. But what is this Target thing exactly? Here is a primer.
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Heading back to cruising altitude

Business Climate Ticks up
Germany appears to have shaken the gloom pervading the rest of the Eurozone. The Ifo Business Climate Index, defying all expectations, perked up in December and augurs a brisk Christmas season. Let's just hope that the mood is contagious, and that Germany's upswing pulls along the rest of the EU.
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Go green or else 

Footprints in the Air
While air traffic accounts globally for less carbon-dioxide output than ocean shipping, it is still very much in the sights of emissions regulators. But finding a metric to measure the carbon output of aircraft is not that easy. The impending inclusion of air traffic in the European Emissions Trading System will force the ICAO to speed up agreement on a carbon standard.
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Rankings and Books
CESifo researchers and Ifo department heads alike swell the ranks of the most productive economics scholars in Germany, and of German economists abroad. And they are writing good books too.
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The Secret Sauce
Here it is: the recipe for how to run a research institute, by Meinhard Knoche, who has accompanied Ifo throughout its renaissance from the doldrums into a powerhouse of economic thinking.
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