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Marc Gronwald

Marc Gronwald, CESifo guest in October

Commodity Prices and Climate Change

For an optimal environmental policy, an empirical analysis of climate-change-related commodity prices, in particular crude oil prices and carbon prices in the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme, is crucial. Marc Gronwald's current research attempts to understand the statistical behaviour of these price series and to elaborate how certain price patterns relate to existing economic theories and how they affect economic decisions.

Marc Gronwald's research lies in the areas of energy economics, environmental economics, resource economics, applied econometrics, public economics as well as the economics of Bitcoins.

During his stay at CESifo, Mr Gronwald will discuss issues in environmental economics with Ifo staff such as the Carbon Tracker Initiative and unburnable carbon.

Prior to his appointment as Senior Lecturer at the University of Aberdeen in September 2013, Marc Gronwald was researcher at the Ifo Institute. He holds a Diploma in Economics from the University of Bielefeld and a PhD from the University of Hamburg. He is an Affiliate of the CESifo Research Network and Research Associate of the Ifo Center for Energy, Climate and Exhaustible Resources.