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Stefanie Kleimeier

Stefanie Kleimeier, CESifo guest in June 2014

Gender and Banking

Stefanie Kleimeier will visit CESifo from June 30 to July 2 to collaborate with Christa Hainz and Alexander Danzer on a new joint research project that explores the relevance of gender in banking. Using data about the retail loan portfolio of a commercial lender in Vietnam, the researchers will investigate whether gender-specific behaviour influences loan contract negotiations and, ultimately, loan contract terms. Avenues of exploration include, but are not limited to, the gender-specific behaviour of loan officers and borrowers — individually and in relation to each other — and the role of culturally determined gender differences across different regions within Vietnam.

Stefanie Kleimeier earned her doctorate at the University of Georgia (USA) in 1993 and is currently Associate Professor of Finance at the Maastricht University in the Netherlands. Her research focuses on syndicated lending, retail banking, banking geography, financial market linkages and integration, and has published in such academic journals as the Journal of Financial Intermediation, Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, Financial Management, Journal of Banking and Finance, and the Journal of International Money and Finance.

Ms Kleimeier received grants from the Dutch Science Foundation, the European Credit Research Institute and the German Academic Exchange Service, consulted with the EU and the Center for European Policy Studies and taught graduate courses in 11 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and North America. She is a member of the editorial advisory board of the Journal of Financial Economic Policy and of the editorial board of the International Review of Financial Analysis.