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Carlo Perroni

Carlo Perroni, CES guest in April 2014

Competition among Charitable Organisations

Few studies have focused on competition in the not-for-profit sector, although competition in the third sector has important implications for the design of public policies. Recent research (CESifo Working Paper 4479) has shown that the ability to verify output is a key consideration in the design of tax incentives for charitable contributions. But charities must also make choices with respect to the technologies they use to produce charitable goods and services, and this choice has implications for competition in the non-profit sector. Specifically, there is much anecdotal evidence that the fixed costs associated with the exploitation of scale economies present special challenges for the non-profit sector. During his stay at CESifo, Carlo Perroni, together with Kimberley Scharf, will be examining the implications of administrative costs for competition in the non-profit sector? Their research will combine theoretical analysis with experimental evidence to reveal how donors and charities respond to fixed costs in provision.

Carlo Perroni is a CESifo Research Network Fellow and Professor of Economics at the University of Warwick. He holds a Doctorate in Economics from Pavia University and, prior to arriving at Warwick, was an Assistant Professor at the University of Western Ontario, where he carried out research on environmental economics and international trade (jointly with John Whalley and Tom Rutherford). His research interests lie mainly in the fields of international trade, public economics and political economy.

He has published in a number of academic journals, including the Journal of Public Economics, the Journal of Development Economics, the Journal of International Economics, the European Economic Review, the Economic Journal, the International Economic Review, the Review of Economics and Statistics and the Review of Economic Studies.

CESifo Working Papers by Carlo Perroni