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  1. Falck, Oliver, "Does broadband infrastructure boost employment?", IZA World of Labor, 2017, Information | Details

  2. Wohlrabe, Klaus (with Justus Meyer), "Standing on the shoulder of giants: The aspect of free-riding in RePEc rankings", Applied Economics Letters, Forthcoming | Details

  3. Baarsch, F. (with S. Adams, D. Coumou, A. Robinson, W. Hare, J. Reinhardt), "Climate change impacts in Sub-Saharan Africa: from physical changes to their social repercussions", Regional Environmental Change, 2016, 01–16 | Details

  4. Baarsch, F. (with S. Adams, A. Bondeau, D. Coumou, M.A. Martin, A. Svirejeva-Hopkins, K. Vinke), "Climatic risks and impacts in South Asia: extremes of water scarcity and excess", Regional Environmental Change, 2016, 01-15 | Details

  5. Piopiunik, Marc, Simon Wiederhold (with Jan Bietenbeck), "Africa's Skill Tragedy: Does Teachers' Lack of Knowledge Lead to Low Student Performance?", Journal of Human Resources, Forthcoming | Details

  6. Meier, Volker, Helmut Rainer, "Daddy months", Journal of Population Economics, 2017, 1–18 | Details

  7. Boumans, Dorine, Johanna Garnitz (with Günther G. Schulze), "Who Has Terror Angst? Perceptions of the Effects of Terror on the World Economy", Applied Economics Letters, Forthcoming, Working paper version available as: CESifo Working Paper 6049 (PDF) | Details

  8. Woessmann, Ludger (with Eric A. Hanushek, Jens Ruhose), "Knowledge Capital and Aggregate Income Differences: Development Accounting for U.S. States ", American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, Forthcoming, Download most recent version | Details

  9. Kauder, Björn (with Chiara Dalle Nogare), "Term limits and intergovernmental grants: Evidence from Italian cities", Regional Science and Urban Economics 64, 2017, 01–11 | Details

  10. Woessmann, Ludger (with Sascha O. Becker, Markus Nagler), "Education and Religious Participation: City-Level Evidence from Germany’s Secularization Period 1890-1930", Journal of Economic Growth, Forthcoming, Download most recent version | Details

  11. Neumeier, Florian (with Bernd Hayo), "The (In)Validity of the Ricardian Equivalence Theorem – Findings from a Representative German Population Survey", Journal of Macroeconomics 52, 2017, 162-174, Working paper version available as: Ifo Working Paper No. 233 (PDF) | Details

  12. Thum, Marcel (with Kai A. Konrad), "Does a Clean Development Mechanism Facilitate International Environmental Agreements?", Environmental and Resource Economics, Forthcoming | Details

  13. Thum, Marcel (with Sugata Marjit, André Seidel), "Tax Evasion, Corruption and Tax Loopholes", German Economic Review, Forthcoming | Details

  14. Thum, Marcel (with Amit K. Biswas), "Corruption, Environmental Regulation and Market Entry", Environment and Development Economics 22 (1), 2017, 66-83 | Details

  15. Fuest, Clemens (with Mathias Dolls, Dirk Neumann, Andreas Peichl), "An Unemployment Insurance Scheme for the Euro Area? A Comparison of Different Alternatives using Micro Data", International Tax and Public Finance, Forthcoming | Details

  16. Cinnirella, Francesco (with Jochen Streb), "The Role of Human Capital and Innovation in Economic Development: Evidence from Post-Malthusian Prussia", Journal of Economic Growth, Forthcoming | Details

  17. Lergetporer, Philipp (with Silvia Angerer, Daniela Glätzle-Rützler, E. Glenn Dutcher, Matthias Sutter), "Gender differences in discrimination emerge early in life: Evidence from primary school children in a bilingual city", Economics Letters 152, 2017, 15-18 | Details

  18. Potrafke, Niklas, "Partisan Politics: The empirical evidence from OECD panel studies", Journal of Comparative Economics, Forthcoming, Information | Details

  19. Wiederhold, Simon, Ludger Woessmann (with Eric A. Hanushek, Guido Schwerdt), "Coping with Change: International Differences in the Returns to Skills", Economics Letters 153, 2017, 15-19, Download most recent version, Information | Details

  20. Poutvaara, Panu (with Niclas Berggren, Henrik Jordahl), "The Right Look: Conservative Politicians Look Better and Voters Reward It", Journal of Public Economics 146, 2017, 79–86, Information | Details


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