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Whereas Ifo's research has a strong policy orientation, research at CES is more theory oriented. The close co-operation in the form of joint working groups, projects, publications and seminars contributes to giving empirical research a more solid theoretical foundation and directing university research more strongly than before in an empirical direction and more suited to policy needs. Despite the different orientations, the quality standards are the same: the research is attuned to the international discussion and conforms to international standards of excellence.

Ifo Centers

The research and service tasks of the Ifo Institute are carried out by eight departments ("Ifo Centers") and Ifo Dresden. Many projects are conducted by inter-departmental research teams. read on Ifo Centers

Staff Publications

The research results of the members of the Ifo Institute and the Center for Economic Studies at the LMU are published in various forms by CESifo and the Ifo Institute, but also by study commissioners and in external scientific journals. This page gives you access to books and articles published since 1990 under various search criteria. read on Staff Publications

Articles in refereed journals

There is a high level of academic output and a growing number of articles by the Ifo’s researchers are being published in top international journals. read on Articles in refereed journals

Ifo Projects

The Institute’s researchers work on a number of contract projects. Extensive studies are regularly commissioned by private and public institutions. Several of Ifo’s projecs are also financed using public funds obtained via competitive academic tendering processes. Ifo’s research and service tasks are carried out by staff in its eight departments. Many projects are conducted by inter-departmental research teams. Ifo’s past and ongoing projects are listed on its project pages. All of the Institute’s project results are presented to the public at conferences or in publications. read on Ifo Projects

Presentations at Conferences and Events

An important step towards publications in journals is the presentation of papers at international conferences with a selection procedure. read on Presentations at Conferences and Events

Doctoral Programmes

The Ifo Institute is deeply committed to the promotion of junior economists. read on Doctoral Programmes

Visiting Researchers

Both CES and Ifo have successful and well-established visiting researcher programmes. read on Visiting Researchers

CESifo Research Network

The CESifo Research Network is based on the visitors programme run by the Center for Economic Studies of the University of Munich (LMU). It brings together leading economists from around the globe and constitutes an ideal platform for the discussion of current applied and theoretical themes in economics, with an emphasis on public policy issues. read on CESifo Research Network

Center of Excellence for Migration and Integration Research (CEMIR)

The Ifo Center of Excellence for Migration and Integration Research (CEMIR) combines expertise from different research institutions and countries, and hitherto often separated fields in economics. Through this, it contributes towards answering the questions concerning optimal immigration policies. read on Center of Excellence for Migration and Integration Research (CEMIR)

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