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The monthly ifo-GfK Konsumreport (published in German) is a joint publication by the Ifo Institute and GfK Marktforschung, Nuremberg featuring the latest results of the GfK consumer climate study and the Ifo Business Survey and analysis of them.

This joint publication by the ifo Institute and GfK Marktforschung, Nurernberg, provides regular reports on an issue selected from the GfK-Wirtschaftsdienst, consumer and savings climate, as well as on the mood among consumers in the EU and in Germany. The latest results of the Ifo Business Survey for retailing, consumer goods trade and the consumer goods industry are also published and analysed. Both institutes take turns to give their opinions on key issues influencing trends in private consumption.

Publication of the ifo-GfK Konsumreport will come to an end with issue 12/2016, which will be the last edition of the report.


ISSN 1865-4541
Publisher: Ifo Institute, Poschingerstr. 5, 81679 Munich, Germany,
phone +49(89)9224-0, fax +49(89)985369 
GfK Marktforschung, Nordwestring 101, 90319 Nürnberg, 
phone +49(911)395-0, fax +49(911)395209,

Editor: Dr. Klaus Wohlrabe (Ifo Institute).
Distribution: Ifo Institute.
ifo-GfK-Konsumreport is published once a month.
Subscription price per year: 75,- EUR plus shipping.
Price of single issues: 7,- EUR plus shipping.
Layout and Print: Ifo Institute.
Reproduction permitted only if source is quoted and a specimen copy sent to the Ifo Institute. Commercial use of the data, also in electronic form, only with the permission of the Ifo Institute.

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