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ifo World Economic Survey is a quarterly publication in English containing the results of the fo expert poll on the world economy.

The ifo World Economic Survey (WES) is designed to give an accurate picture of the economic situation and forecasts for important industrial, emerging and developing economies on a quarterly basis. The results are published in the journal ifo World Economic Survey.

Unlike the official statistics, which are primarily constructed around quantitative information, WES consists of qualitative information: appraisals and expectations of economic experts. Whereas the official statistics on the international level often appear after considerable delays, the WES results are timely and internationally comparable. Especially in countries where the data base of the official statistics is insecure, the appraisals and expectations expressed by on-site economic experts in the WES survey are of particular importance.

Latest issue

  1. CESifo World Economic Survey February 2017

    World Economic Climate: World Economic Climate continues to brighten Advanced Economies: Advanced economies are key drivers of global recovery Emerging and Developing Economies: Emerging and Developing Economies still underperforming Special Topic: Free trade – What do WES experts think? Details


  1. ifo World Economic Survey Newsletter

    The ifo World Economic Survey Newsletter provides quarterly information on the latest issue of the ifo World Economic Survey. Details


ifo World Economic Survey 
A quarterly journal on the world economic climate 
ISSN 2511-7831 (print version)
ISSN 2511-784X (electronic version)

Formerly: CESifo World Economic Survey (until 2016)
ISSN 1613-6012 (print version)
ISSN 2190-720X (electronic version)

Publisher and distributor:
ifo Institute, Poschingerstr. 5, D-81679 Munich, Germany,
phone +49(89)9224-0, fax +49(89)985369.

Annual subscription rate: 40.00 EUR.
Price of single issues: 10.00 EUR.
Shipping not included. 

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