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  1. Results of the ifo Business Survey for April 2017

    ifo Business Climate Index for the Service Sector Continues to Fall

    Apr 25, 2017: Sentiment in the German service sector weakened, but remains at a very high level. The business climate index fell to 107.8 points in April from 108.3 points last month. Service providers are somewhat less satisfied with their current business situation. They also scaled back their expectations slightly. Service providers nevertheless plan to recruit additional staff. Details

  2. ifo Business Climate - Results of the ifo Business Survey for April 2017

    ifo Business Climate Index Rises

    Apr 24, 2017: Sentiment among German managers improved further. The ifo Business Climate Index rose to 112.9 points in April from 112.4 (seasonally adjusted) points last month. Assessments of the current business situation improved significantly. In terms of their six-month business outlook, however, companies are somewhat less optimistic. The German economy is growing strongly. Details

  3. Joint Economic Forecast Spring 2017: Upturn in Germany strengthens in spite of global economic risks

    Apr 12, 2017: The German economy is already in the fifth year of a moderate upturn. According to the Gemeinschaftsdiagnose (GD, joint economic forecast) that was prepared by Germany’s five leading economic research institutes on behalf of the Federal Government, capacity utilization is gradually increasing, and aggregate production capacities are now likely to have slightly exceeded their normal utilisation levels. However, cyclical dynamics remain low compared to earlier periods of recoveries, as consumption expenditures, which do not exhibit strong fluctuations, have been the main driving force so far. In addition, net migration increases potential output, counteracting a stronger capacity tightening. Details

  4. ifo Institute Study: German Civil Justice very Efficient but not Among the Best

    Apr 6, 2017: The civil and commercial justice system in Germany is very efficient but not the best. And within Germany there are large differences in efficiency. These are the results of a new study by the ifo Institute. In 2012, the completion ratio in Germany was 66.6 percent, which was above the European average of 59.7 percent. Also the average duration of proceedings in 2012 in Germany at 6.1 months was better than the European average of 9.3 months. Details

  5. Eurozone Economic Outlook: Solid growth prospects

    Apr 6, 2017: Business indicators of the euro area have been positively oriented in the last months, suggesting a continuation of the recovery process. In Q1 2017 the Eurozone economy is expected to grow at a similar pace as registered at the end of 2016 (+0.4%), then slightly faster in Q2 (+0.5%) before returning to +0.4% in Q3 2017. Details

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