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The telephone survey, which was introduced already in 1988 as a supplement to the other ifo surveys, proved to be an important instrument for particular sensitive issues. In addition to the four polls commissioned by Wirtschaftswoche, the ifo Institute surveyed the participants of more then 1000 manufacturing companies, construction firms, distributors and service providers on other topical issues. The results are published in Wirtschaftswoche and in ifo Schnelldienst.

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  1. Ifo Manager Survey

    Ifo Manager Survey: Corporate Investment and Employment Plans for 2017

    Jan 26, 2017: Personnel managers do not expect growth to accelerate this year compared to 2016. Indeed, around half of survey participants even expect lower growth rates in 2017. In terms of investment plans, positive and negative responses were fairly well-balanced, with the majority of companies planning to invest the same amount as last year. As far as their staff base is concerned, firms plan to recruit new employees, meaning that the steady rise in employment is expected to continue. The lack of qualified staff is an increasingly important issue for the German economy, where the focus is shifting back to the euro crisis. Looking ahead to the forthcoming German elections, firms would primarily like to see less red tape, as well as higher levels of investment in infrastructure and education. Details

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