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Survey Participation

Companies that participate in Ifo Institute surveys enjoy a number of benefits All participants, for example, receive an exclusive and detailed report on the survey results for their branch.

Online survey participation

Participants contacted by the Ifo Institute are asked to log in to participate in the survey. To confirm their identity, participants are requested to enter their personal user name and password previously sent to them by Ifo. They can then access their copy of the survey and/or results report. Participants can subsequently modify their password should they wish to do so.

At present survey responses are still largely submitted on paper, but the gradual transition to online surveys is already underway. Companies that participate in business surveys online can call up their survey questionnaire directly on their computer screen, complete and submit it electronically. Should you be interested in participating in our surveys, please send us an email.

Survey results

Ifo Business Survey participants have the exclusive opportunity of downloading various reports featuring figures and charts in a pdf format.

Participants in the international Ifo World Economic Survey can access their detailed results report online.

Participants use their access information (user name and password) to log in.

It is strictly prohibited to forward, reprint or distribute the results in any way without the prior permission of the Ifo Institute.


Data remains confidential whether submitted online or on paper. A participant can only access its individual survey results by using its user name and password. Responses are stored anonymously in the Ifo Institute’s database.

Contact for Ifo Business Survey

Artem Marjenko

ifo Institute
ifo Center for Business Cycle Analysis and Surveys
Phone: +49(0)89/9224-1382
Fax: +49(0)89/985369
Email: marjenko @

Contact for Ifo World Economic Survey

Johanna Garnitz

ifo Institute
ifo Center for Business Cycle Analysis and Surveys
Phone: +49(0)89/9224-1227
Fax: +49(0)89/907795-1227
Email: garnitz @

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