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Eurozone Economic Outlook

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A joint initiative of leading European economic institutes (Ifo Institute in Munich, INSEE in Paris and Istat in Rome) to produce short-term forecasts for GDP, consumption, industrial production and inflation in the euro zone.

Latest Forecast

  1. Eurozone Economic Outlook January 2017

    A little faster

    Jan 11, 2017: The Eurozone GDP would appear to have increased by +0.4% in Q4 2016 and is expected to keep growing at the same pace over H1 2017. The economic activity should be driven by steady growth in private consumption and public spending. Favourable labour market conditions as well as increasing nominal wages are expected to buoy up disposable income, despite an upturn in inflation which slowly erodes purchasing power. Moreover, investment should become slightly more dynamic, based on the continuously good financing conditions. The global economy recovery, from both advanced economies and emerging countries, should also foster external demand. Details


Evaluation of the Eurozone Economic Outlook

Economic activity is not always easy to forecast accurately. Like all forecasts, the Eurozone Economic Outlook (EZEO) differs to a certain extent from the official statistics published at a later date. To guarantee transparency, this article documents and evaluates the EZEO’s forecasts of real gross domestic product and inflation in the euro since 2004. read on Evaluation of the Eurozone Economic Outlook

Methodological Note

This quarterly publication is prepared jointly by the German Ifo Institute, the French Insee institute, and the Italian Istat institute. The forecast results are based on consensus estimates building on common macroeconomic forecast methods by the three institutes. read on Methodological Note


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