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LMU-ifo Economics & Business Data Center (EBDC)


The Economics & Business Data Center (EBDC) is a combined platform for empirical research in business administration and economics of the Ludwig–Maximilian University of Munich (LMU) and the Ifo Institute and aims at opening new fields for empirical research in business administration and economics.

In this regard, the EBDC provides innovative datasets of German companies, containing both survey data of the Ifo Institute as well as external balance sheet data. Therefore, the tasks of the EBDC also include the procurement and administration of data sources for research and teaching, the central provision, updating and documentation of external databases, as well as the acquisition of corresponding support tools.

As of 2014, it is also possible to access the data of the Research Data Centres of the Federal Statistical Office and the statistical offices of the Länder, in the premises of EBDC. This greatly expands the diversity and opportunities for empirical research in the Economics & Business Data Center. The Center also offers external researchers the option of storing the datasets used in their research work in the EBDC and of making them available to the scientific community.

Beyond that, the EBDC serves as a contact and central coordinator on licensing economic firm-level datasets for LMU’s Munich School of Management and LMU’s Department of Economics and supports researchers and guests of the LMU and the Ifo Institute on site. In the future, it will also conduct academic conferences on research with company data.

The Economics and Business Data Center is supported by the Exzellenzinitiative of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (within the “LMUExcellent” program) and was founded in 2008. In spring 2011 it received accreditation as a research data centre of the Rat für Sozial- und Wirtschaftsdaten. 
In July 2016, the RatSWD has established a complaints office. There, you have the possibility to address to the RatSWD unresolved problems concerning the usage of data provided by the EBDC, in case it was impossible to resolve those with the contact persons in the EBDC bilaterally. The corresponding contact form as well as details about the procedure can be found on the website of the RatSWD (see below; only available in German).

Ifo Institute    Ludwig–Maximillian University of Munich (LMU) Bayerisches Landesamt für Statistik und Datenverarbeitung

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