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Energy, Resources, Natural Environment


The production of energy from fossil fuels produces one of the biggest externalities in the world – greenhouse gases. The energy sector also comprises of network industries like the Transmission Systems Operators. These two facts alone are a good enough reason for policy interventions. DICE’s energy sector provides databases and overviews, which offer a comprehensive insight into European energy policy measures (taxation, subsidies, regulation) for both conventional and renewable energy sources. In addition to covering policy measures, DICE also delivers detailed information about the state of different types of energy.

Natural Environment

The state of the natural environment plays a critical role in defining human quality of life and serves as a production factor for economic development. However, the degree of environmental protection desired and the strategies used to achieve it vary greatly between countries. DICE not only provides data on environmental expenditure and various environmental policy instruments (both financial and regulatory) and international agreements, but also on the state of the environment itself.

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