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Seminar series

ifo Lunchtime Seminar

Ifo researchers present their current research in progress. The audience consists of Ifo and CES researchers as well as CESifo visitors.

Time: Wednesday, 12.00 p.m.
Place: Ifo Institute, Main Building, Ludwig Erhard Hall, Poschingerstr. 5, 81679 Munich


Date Lecturer Topic
26.07.2017 Oren Rigbi Ifo Lunchtime Seminar
05.07.2017 Marianne Simonsen Ifo Lunchtime Seminar
17.05.2017 Markus Zimmer Ifo Lunchtime Seminar
10.05.2017 Sergey Kichko Ifo Lunchtime Seminar
03.05.2017 Robert Lehmann Ifo Lunchtime Seminar
26.04.2017 Christian Grimme Ifo Lunchtime Seminar
19.04.2017 Marc Piopiunik Information, perceived education level, and attitudes toward refugees: Evidence from a randomized survey experiment
12.04.2017 Meinhard Knoche, Annette Marquardt, Wolfgang Auer Entwicklung, Umsetzung und Professionalisierung von Verwertungskonzepten in der außeruniversitären Wirtschaftsforschung - eine Zwischenbilanz
22.02.2017 Sven Resnjanskij Risky Decisions and the Opportunity Cost of Time
15.02.2017 Florian Neumeier Media content's role in the making of a democrat: Evidence from East Germany
08.02.2017 Carsten Sprenger Corporate Governance and Investment – Evidence from Russian Unlisted Firms
01.02.2017 Florence Jaumotte Impact of Migration on Income Levels in Advanced Economies
25.01.2017 Davide Sala Acquiring International Experience Makes Firms also Exporting? A Lesson from a Wage Posting Model


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