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Lunchtime Seminar TU Dresden

The midday seminar is organised by Prof. Marcel Thum, Director of the Dresden Branch of the Ifo Institute and Professor for Public Finance at the Technical University of Dresden and Prof. Dr. Alexander Kemnitz, Chair of Economic Policy and Economic Research, Department of Business and Economics, TU Dresden. Staff members of the TU Dresden, the Ifo Institute as well as external academics present and discuss their current research results at these seminars.

Time: Every Wednesday during term at 11:10 a.m.
Place: TU Dresden, Department of Economics, Schumann-Bau A 03, Münchner Platz 1/3, Dresden

SS 2017

Date Lecturer Topic
12.07.2017 Sabine Gralka, Patrick Zwerschke Efficiency in Education: A Meta-Analysis
05.07.2017 Robert Lehmann, Michael Berlemann, Vera Jahn Business Cycle Volatility of the German ‚Mittelstand‘
28.06.2017 Ulrike Illmann The commuting paradox revisited
21.06.2017 Patrick Zwerschke Do Characteristics of Board Members influence Bank Performance?: A Bayesian Approach
14.06.2017 Julia Sonnenburg Educational Achievement and Homeownership
07.06.2017 Zhan Qu Does vertical integration increase product quality?
31.05.2017 Michael Knoblach Skill heterogeneity and the aggregate elasticity of substitution
24.05.2017 Lars Vandrei Explaining Price Rigidities on the Housing Market with Prospect Theory
17.05.2017 Maximilian Düsterhöft The role of language in the central bank communication-literature
10.05.2017 David Bauer Evidence on the theory of corruption and market entry
03.05.2017 Miriam Kohl Redistribution, Selection and Trade
26.04.2017 Felix Rösel A Banana Republic? Trust in Electoral Institutions in Western Democracies - Evidence from a Presidential Election in Austria
19.04.2017 Burak Erkut Youth Unemployment, Social Lead Users and a Tale of Small and Poor Cities
12.04.2017 Antje Fanghänel What causes differences in labor market outcomes of second generation immigrants?
05.04.2017 André Seidel, Georg Hirte, Christian Lessmann Trade and Regional Inequality

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