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National and International Co-operation Partners

The Ifo Institute fosters the exchange of ideas with institutions, universities and researchers throughout the world.

Apart from its close ties to the LMU, which are reflected in the Institute’s name, Ifo’s work is also enriched by co-operation with its other partners – the universities of Augsburg, Dresden, Leipzig, Münster, Nürnberg-Erlangen, Passau and Regensburg. The Ifo Institute also cooperates with several foreign universities including, for example, Stanford, Berkeley and Harvard; and numerous networks have been created at a department level. These networks include CIRET (Centre for International Research on Economic Tendency Surveys), Euroconstruct, EENEE (Network of European Educational Economists) and the network that produces the “Eurozone Economic Outlook”.

Cooperation with the members of the CESIfo research network, Ifo’s research professors and its visiting researchers are especially important for the international transfer of knowledge. The research professors are external economists who are contractually bound to the Institute for longer periods of time and who provide research advice and participate in Ifo research projects. Around 50 visiting researchers also come to the Institute every year and exchange ideas with Ifo researchers in all its research departments.

Another of Ifo’s partners is the International Institute of Public Finance e.V. (IIPF), the world organisation of public finance economists. The Ifo Institute has served as the IIPF’s headquarters since 2007. The CESifo Group and the International Institute of Public Finance cooperate in the awarding and organisation of the Richard Musgrave Visiting Professorship and the annual Richard Musgrave Lecture.

Deutsche Welle and the Ifo Institute co-operate in the area of economic reporting, focusing on the international presentation of the Ifo Institute's World Economic Survey, a world-wide poll of experts who report on the state of the economy in their countries of residence and their expectations regarding these countries' economic prospects. Deutsche Welle TV will broadcast regularly the results of the World Economic Survey in its economic and business news. The ifo Institute will provide the data and their interpretation in German and English. Co-operation in other areas is planned as well.

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