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Ifo Institute

Official Bodies

The Ifo Institute is a registered society with the sole purpose of non-profit, economic and social research. The by-laws are the legal foundation of the society.

Ifo Institute – Leibniz Institute for Economic Research at the University of Munich


The by-laws were approved at the General Meeting on 29 June 2011. read on By-laws

ifo Institute

General Meeting

The General Meeting approves the annual accounts and the report of the Executive Board. It also elects the members of the Board of Trustees. The annual general meeting takes place in June at which the annual report is presented to the members. read on General Meeting

Ifo Institute

Society Membership

Members of the society are natural and legal persons from Germany and abroad. The society currently has about 450 members from trade and industry, banks and insurance companies, trade associations and chambers of industry and trade. read on Society Membership

Ifo Institute

Executive Board of the Ifo Institute

The Executive Board runs the Institute’s business and is responsible for strategic planning and research management. Its members are appointed by the Administrative Council, and contract renewal is allowed. The chairperson of the Executive Board is the president, who is appointed jointly by the Ifo Institute and the University of Munich. read on Executive Board of the Ifo Institute

Ifo Institute

Ifo Administrative Council

The Administrative Council of the Ifo Institute has a supervisory and advisory role vis-à-vis the Executive Board. The Administrative Council consists of the chairperson of the Board of Trustees, professors from the economic and business faculties of the LMU, representatives from both the Federal and Bavarian governments, the chairperson of the Scientific Advisory Council and up to four other members chosen by the General Meeting. The Administrative Council Chairperson is Dr. Peter-Alexander Wacker. read on Ifo Administrative Council

Ifo Institute

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees consists of individuals from academic institutions, business, trade unions and public administration. It supports the Executive Board in discharging its duties. The Chairperson of the Board of Trustees is Dr. Peter-Alexander Wacker. read on Board of Trustees

Ifo Institute and CESifo

Ifo Scientific Advisory Council and Acting CESifo Council

The Scientific Advisory Council consists of internationally respected, independent academics and experts. It was established to provide independent, external quality control and to advise the Executive Board and the Administrative Council in the long-term planning of research and development as well as on future appointments of Executive Board members. The Scientific Advisory Council advises both the Ifo Institute and CESifo. read on Ifo Scientific Advisory Council and Acting CESifo Council

Ifo Institute

User Advisory Council of the Ifo Institute

The Ifo Institute has recently established a User Advisory Council to strengthen contacts with the target audiences of its services. These include academics and researchers, governmental institutions, the business world, and national and international media. The User Advisory Council’s task is to advise the Ifo Institute on the development and evaluation of its services. This includes expanding its range of services, as well as the content-related presentation and quality of the Institute’s services. The Chairperson of the User Advisory Council is Prof. Rolf Tschernig, University of Regensburg. read on User Advisory Council of the Ifo Institute

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