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Friends of the Ifo Institute

Goals and tasks

The Society for the Promotion of Economic Research (Friends of the Ifo Institute) e.V. financially supports the non-profit work of the Ifo Institute. An example is the annual research award.

The society receives its funds from the donations and contributions of its members. Membership is open to individuals, commercial enterprises, trade associations and domestic and foreign institutions. The society currently numbers approximately 60 members – leading figures from the business world, corporations, banks, insurance companies and trade associations.

The situation of European monetary union was the main focus of a strategy meeting held by the Friends of the Ifo Institute and Ifo’s Executive Board on 15 October 2011 in Bogenberg, Obertaufkirchen. Concern for Germany and Europe voiced at this meeting led both parties to draft the Bogenberg Declaration, a list of statement aimed at preventing Germany from accepting excessive liability for the bailout packages provided by the community of states and the undermining of market processes caused by such packages. read on

Membership fee

The society is recognized as a non-profit organisation on the basis its support for scientific research. Membership fees and voluntary contributions are tax deductible. Every member sets its membership fee itself. The Board of Trustees of the Society (in its meeting of 23 June 2010) recommended an annual membership fee of 1800 euros for individuals, 5000 euros for small businesses and 12,000 euros for larger enterprises.

Executive Board

The members of the society choose a Board of Trustees that decides on the support measures and an Executive Board that assists the society in the procurement of funding. The Board of Trustees chooses a chairperson, deputy chairperson and treasurer from its midst. The Executive Board conducts the business of the society.


The Friends of the Ifo Institute receive different publications free of charge such as ifo Schnelldienst, ifo Konjunkturperspektiven and CESifo World Economic Survey. Membership also includes immediate posting of the latest results of the Ifo Business Survey (Ifo Business Climate Index). Other services are available at preferential prices, such as access to the Ifo Database as well as reduced prices at Ifo events. The annual general meeting of the society and the Ifo Institute features lectures and discussions on economic-policy issues.


Executive Board

Prof. Dr. h.c. Roland Berger
Maximilianstraße 32
80539 München

Office of the Treasurer

Society for the Promotion of Economic Research
(Friends of the Ifo Institute e.V.)
c/o Hauck & Aufhäuser Privatbankiers KGaA
Lenbachplatz 4
80333 München

Contact at the Ifo Institute

Barbara Hebele

Ifo Institute
Executive Department
Phone: +49(0)89/9224-1693
Fax: +49(0)89/9224-1901
Email: hebele @

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