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Ifo Institute

Research Directors and Research Professors

The Ifo Institute works closely with its research directors and research professors in order to achieve an intensive exchange of know-how between universities and the Institute and to expand the methodological platform.

Ifo’s research directors are integrated intensively in the work of the Institute and assume permanent functions within the Institute. Ifo’s ties to its research professors are more flexible and are primarily in connection with co-operations in actual projects.

Research Director

Prof. Dr. Christian Traeger


Research Professors

Prof. Dan Anderberg, Ph.D.


Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Bachmann


Prof. Dr. Almut Balleer


Prof. Dr. Stefan Bauernschuster


Prof. Dr. Johannes Becker

  • Ifo Executive Board


Prof. Sascha O. Becker, Ph.D.



Prof. Dr. Michael Berlemann



Prof. Dr. Charles Blankart



Prof. George Borjas, Ph.D.


Prof. Dr. Benjamin Born


Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Buchholz



Prof. Dr. Thiess Büttner


Prof. Dr. Kai Carstensen


Prof. Dr. Peter Egger


Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Eggert

  • Ifo Executive Board


Prof. Robert Fairlie, Ph.D.


Prof. Dr. Gebhard Flaig


Prof. Marco Francesconi, Ph.D.


Prof. Eric A. Hanushek, Ph.D.


Prof. Dr. Andreas Haufler



Prof. Robert Haveman, Ph.D.


Prof. Wolfgang Keller, Ph.D.


Prof. Dr. Marko Köthenbürger


Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Kohler


Prof. Dr. Kai Konrad


Prof. Tobias Kretschmer, Ph.D.


Prof. Dr. Mario Larch


Prof. Dr. Christian Leßmann


Prof. Ngo Van Long, Ph.D.


Prof. Dr. Georg Milbradt


Prof. Eugenio J. Miravete, Ph.D.


Prof. Devashish Mitra, Ph.D.


Prof. Dr. Gernot Müller


Prof. Dr. Marc-Andreas Mündler


Prof. Giovanni Peri, Ph.D.


Prof. Dr. Michael Rauscher


Prof. Assaf Razin, Ph.D.


Prof. Jörg Rocholl, Ph.D.


Prof. Dr. Horst Rottmann


Prof. Dr. Monika Schnitzer


Prof. Dr. Guido Schwerdt


Prof. Dr. Ronnie Schöb


Prof. Dr. Thomas Stratmann


Prof. Dr. Jan-Egbert Sturm


Prof. Dr. Uwe Sunde


Prof. Dr. Silke Übelmesser


Prof. Dr. Andreas Wagener


Prof. Dr. Alfons J. Weichenrieder


Prof. Dr. Martin Werding


Prof. Martin West, Ph.D.


Prof. Frank Westermann, Ph.D.


Prof. Dr. Joachim Winter


Prof. Dr. Cees Withagen



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