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CESifo GmbH (official name: Münchener Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Wirtschaftswissenschaft - CESifo GmbH, i.e. Munich Society for the Promotion of Economic Research) links the Department of Economics of the University of Munich and the Ifo Institute with the international economic research community. CESifo GmbH is a private corporation founded in 1999 and owned in equal parts by Ifo Institute and Ludwig Maximilians University. CESifo GmbH supports the international CESifo Research Network, an independent academic research community now numbering over 1000 fellows and affiliates from around the world. Its founding director was Hans-Werner Sinn.

Every year, CESifo GmbH organises a number of conferences, workshops and seminars that provide ideal opportunities for interaction and the exchange of ideas. Outstanding among these are the Area Conferences, the CESifo Venice Summer Institute, and the Munich Seminar series.

Organised jointly by CESifo and the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt, the prestigious Munich Economic Summit yearly attracts scores of decision-makers and media representatives from around the world to discuss European economic policy issues.

Under the aegis of CESifo, the European Economic Advisory Group (EEAG) provides an annual report on the European economy. The group, comprised of seven internationally known economists from seven European countries, releases a growth forecast and analyses other topical European themes.

Lastly, CESifo GmbH publishes more than 400 Working Papers per year and runs two book series with MIT Press.

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