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Payment of IIPF Membership Fees 2017

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Are you a PhD student in the membership year(s)? Please tick this box and send evidence to IIPF via fax, mail or e-mail. Lower rates in parentheses apply to PhD students.
 Membership fees, January - December 2017 (reduced by 40% for PhD students in 2017)  €90 (€54)
 Advance payment of membership fees for three years, January 2017 - December 2019 (reduced by 40% for PhD students in 2017 to 2019 incl.)  €180 (€108)
As part of your membership package you are entitled to electronic access to the International Tax and Public Finance (ITAX) journal for the duration of your membership (calendar year), subject to successful renewal of IIPF’s arrangement with ITAX. Online access data will be delivered to your email address.

Do you wish to subscribe to one or several of the following journals? Please tick the respective box(es), IIPF will forward your details to the respective publisher(s).
International Tax and Public Finance (printed issue; $25 per year; invoiced separately)
Finanz Archiv (€49 per year; invoiced separately)
National Tax Journal ($65 per year; invoiced separately)

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