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  1. Felbermayr, Gabriel (with Benjamin Jung, Mario Larch), "The Welfare Consequences of Import Tariffs: A Quantitative Perspective", Journal of International Economics, Forthcoming | Details

  2. Hener, Timo, Helmut Rainer (with Thomas Siedler), "Political Socialization in Flux? Linking Family Non-Intactness during Childhood to Adult Civic Engagement ", Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A, Forthcoming | Details

  3. Kauder, Björn, Niklas Potrafke, "The Growth in Military Expenditure in Germany 1951-2011: Did Parties Matter?", Defence and Peace Economics, Forthcoming, Information | Details

  4. Hener, Timo, "Effects of Labeled Child Benefits on Family Savings", Review of Economics of the Household, Forthcoming, Information | Online Appendix | Extended Working Paper | Details

  5. Henzel, Steffen, Robert Lehmann, Klaus Wohlrabe, "Nowcasting Regional GDP: The Case of the Free State of Saxony", Review of Economics, Forthcoming | Details

  6. Lehmann, Robert, Klaus Wohlrabe, "Forecasting GDP at the regional level with many predictors", German Economic Review 16 (2), 2015, 226-254, Appendix; Working paper version available as: CESifo Working Paper No. 3956 (PDF); Munich Discussion Paper No. 2013-13 (Information). | Details

  7. Berg, Tim Oliver, "Time Varying Fiscal Multipliers in Germany", Review of Economics, Forthcoming, Accepted: 2015, Working paper version available as: MPRA Paper No. 57223 | Details

  8. Falck, Oliver (with Stefan Bauernschuster), "Culture, Spatial Diffusion of Ideas and their Long-Lasting Imprints - Evidence from Froebel's Kindergarten Movement", Journal of Economic Geography 15 (3), 2015, 601-630, Working paper version available as: CESifo Working Paper 4749 (PDF) | Details

  9. Wiederhold, Simon (with Viktor Slavtchev), "Does the Technological Content of Government Demand Matter for Private R&D? Evidence from US States ", American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, Forthcoming, Download most recent version | Details

  10. Wößmann, Ludger, "An International Look at the Single-Parent Family", Education Next 15 (2), 2015, 42-49, Information | Details

  11. Potrafke, Niklas (with Arye L. Hillmann, Kfir Metsuyanim), "Democracy with group identity", European Journal of Political Economy, Forthcoming, Information | Details

  12. Meier, Volker, Helmut Rainer, "Pigou Meets Ramsey: Gender-Based Taxation with Non-Cooperative Couples", European Economic Review, Forthcoming | Details

  13. Rave, Tilmann (with Frank Goetzke), "Regional Air Quality and Happiness in Germany", International Regional Science Review, Forthcoming | Details

  14. Berg, Tim Oliver, Steffen Henzel, "Point and Density Forecasts for the Euro Area Using Bayesian VARs", International Journal of Forecasting, Forthcoming, Accepted: 2015, Working paper version available as: CESifo Working Paper 4711 (PDF) | Details

  15. Aichele, Rahel, Gabriel Felbermayr, "Kyoto and Carbon Leakage: An Empirical Analysis of the Carbon Content of Bilateral Trade", Review of Economics and Statistics 97 (1), 2015, 104-115 | Details

  16. Meier, Volker (with Ioana Schiopu), "Optimal Higher Education Enrollment and Productivity Externalities in a Two-Sector Model", Journal of Public Economics, vol. 121, 2015, 1-13 | Details

  17. Meier, Volker (with Darko Jus), "Announcing Is Bad, Delaying Is Worse: Another Pitfall in Well-Intended Climate Policy", Jahrbücher für Nationalökonomie und Statistik, Forthcoming | Details

  18. Meier, Volker (with Andreas Wagener), "Do Mobile Pensioner Threaten the Deferred Taxation of Savings", CESifo Economic Studies, Forthcoming | Details

  19. Felbermayr, Gabriel (with Peter Sebastian Eppinger), "Bilateral Trade and Similarity of Income Distributions: The Role of Second Moments", Economics Letters 126, 2015, 159-162 | Details

  20. Poutvaara, Panu (with Mikael Elinder, Henrik Jordahl), "Promises, policies and pocketbook voting", European Economic Review 75, 2015, 177–194 | Details


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