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  1. Rösel, Felix (with Alexander Karmann, Markus Schneider), "Produktivitätsmotor Gesundheitswirtschaft: Finanziert sich der medizinisch-technische Fortschritt selbst?", Perspektiven der Wirschaftspolitik, Forthcoming | Details

  2. Pittel, Karen (with Dirk Rübbelke), "On Fostering International Public Good Provision: Would Complementarity between Public Good and In-Kind Transfers Help?", Economic Bulletin, Forthcoming | Details

  3. Pittel, Karen (with Svenn Jensen, Kristina Molin, Thomas Sterner), "An Introduction to the Green Paradox: The Unintended Consequences of Climate Policies", Review of Environmental Economics and Policy 9 (2), 2015, 246-265 | Details

  4. Henzel, Steffen, Elisabeth Wieland, "International Synchronization and Changes in Long-term Inflation Uncertainty", Macroeconomic Dynamics, Forthcoming | Details

  5. Reischmann, Markus, "Creative accounting and electoral motives: Evidence from OECD countries", Journal of Comparative Economics, Forthcoming, Working paper version available as: Ifo Working Paper No. 201 (PDF) | Details

  6. Henzel, Steffen, Robert Lehmann, Klaus Wohlrabe, "Nowcasting Regional GDP: The Case of the Free State of Saxony", Review of Economics 66 (1), 2015, 71-98 | Details

  7. Yalcin, Erdal (with Davide Sala), "Export Experience of Managers and the Internationalization of Firms", The World Economy 38 (7), 2015, 1064–1089 | Details

  8. Sinn, Hans-Werner, "The Green Paradox: A Supply-side View of the Climate Problem", Review of Environmental Economics and Policy 9 (2), 2015, 239–245., Working paper version available as: CESifo Working Paper 5385 (PDF) | Details

  9. Wößmann, Ludger, "The Economic Case for Education", Education Economics, Forthcoming, Working paper version available as: EENEE Analytical Report No. 20 (PDF) | Details

  10. Poutvaara, Panu (with Topi Miettinen), "Parties as efficiency-improving gate-keepers in rent-seeking societies", European Journal of Political Economy 38, 2015, 87-101 | Details

  11. Hener, Timo, Helmut Rainer (with Stefan Bauernschuster), "Children of a (Policy) Revolution: The Introduction of Universal Child Care and its Effect on Fertility", Journal of the European Economic Association, Forthcoming | Details

  12. Potrafke, Niklas (with Peter Eppinger), "Did globalization influence credit market deregulation?", World Economy, Forthcoming, Information | Details

  13. Falck, Oliver (with Michael Fritsch, Stephan Heblich), "Response to the Comment ‘“Phantom of the Opera?” or “Sex and the City”’ by Thomas K. Bauer, Philipp Breidenbach, and Christoph M. Schmidt", Labour Economics, Forthcoming | Details

  14. Riem, Marina, Niklas Potrafke, Christoph Schinke (with Ha Quyen Ngo), "Ideology and Dissent among Economists: The Joint Economic Forecast of German Economic Research Institutes", Eastern Economic Journal, Forthcoming, Information | Details

  15. Kauder, Björn (with Thiess Büttner), "Political Biases Despite External Expert Participation? An Empirical Analysis of Tax Revenue Forecasts in Germany", Public Choice, Forthcoming | Details

  16. Lergetporer, Philipp (with Silvia Angerer, Daniela Glätzle-Rützler, Matthias Sutter), "Donations, Risk Attitudes and Time Preferences: A Study on Altruism in Primary School Children", Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 115, 2015, 67–74, Information | Details

  17. Felbermayr, Gabriel, "Macroeconomic potentials of transatlantic free trade: a high resolution perspective for Europe and the world", Economic Policy, Forthcoming | Details

  18. Meier, Volker, Helmut Rainer, "Pigou Meets Ramsey: Gender-Based Taxation with Non-Cooperative Couples", European Economic Review 77, 2015, 28–46 | Details

  19. Felbermayr, Gabriel (with Benjamin Jung, Mario Larch), "The Welfare Consequences of Import Tariffs: A Quantitative Perspective", Journal of International Economics, Forthcoming | Details

  20. Breuer, Christian, "Unemployment and Suicide Mortality: Evidence from Regional Panel Data in Europe", Health Economics 24 (8), 2015, 936-950 | Details


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