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  1. Cinnirella, Francesco, Erik Hornung, "Landownership Concentration and the Expansion of Education", Journal of Development Economics 121, 2016, 135-152, Working Paper version available as: CESifo Working Paper 3603 (PDF) | Details

  2. Triebs, Thomas (with D. S. Saal, P. Arocena, S.C. Kumbhakar), "Estimating Economies of Scale and Scope with Flexible Technology", Journal of Productivity Analysis 45 (2), 2016, 173-186 | Details

  3. Hener, Timo, Helmut Rainer (with Stefan Bauernschuster), "When Labor Disputes Bring Cities to a Standstill: The Impact of Public Transit Strikes on Traffic, Accidents, Air Pollution, and Health", American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, Forthcoming | Details

  4. Wackerbauer, Johann (with Stefan Liehr, Oliver Schulz, Thomas Kluge, Georg Sunderer), "Aktualisierung der integrierten Wasserbedarfsprognose für Hamburg bis zum Jahr 2045 - Teil 1: Grundlagen und Methodik", gwf-Wasser / Abwasser 2, 2016, 156 - 165 | Details

  5. Wiederhold, Simon (with Viktor Slavtchev), "Does the Technological Content of Government Demand Matter for Private R&D? Evidence from US States ", American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics 8 (2), 2016, 45-84, Download most recent version | Details

  6. Rave, T. (with L. Quitzow, W. Canzler, P. Grundmann, M. Leibenath, T. Moss), "The German Energiewende - What's Happening? Introducing the Special Issue", Utilities Policy, Forthcoming | Details

  7. Lergetporer, Philipp (with Silvia Angerer, Daniela Glätzle-Rützler, Matthias Sutter), "Cooperation and discrimination within and across language borders: Evidence from children in a bilingual city", European Economic Review, Forthcoming | Details

  8. Rave, Tilmann (with Frank Goetzke), "Exploring Heterogeneous Growth of Wind Energy Across Germany", Utilities Policy, Forthcoming | Details

  9. Hener, Timo, "Unconditional Child Benefits, Mothers Labor Supply, and Family Well-Being: Evidence from a Policy Reform", CESifo Economic Studies, Forthcoming | Details

  10. Wößmann, Ludger (with Eric A. Hanushek, Guido Schwerdt, Lei Zhang), "General Education, Vocational Education, and Labor-Market Outcomes over the Life-Cycle", Journal of Human Resources, Forthcoming, Working paper version available as: NBER Working Paper 17504 | Latest version available: Download | Details

  11. Wiederhold, Simon (with Gerhard Riener), "Team Building and Hidden Costs of Control", Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 123, 2016, 01-18, Download most recent version | Details

  12. Piopiunik, Marc (with Ingo E. Isphording, Núria Rodríguez-Planas), "Speaking in Numbers: The Effect of Reading Performance on Math Performance among Immigrants", Economics Letters 139, 2016, 52-56 | Details

  13. Hainz, Christa, Ludger Wößmann (with Sascha Becker, Katrin Boeckh), "The Empire is Dead, Long Live the Empire! Long-Run Persistence of Trust and Corruption in the Bureaucracy", Economic Journal 126 (590), 2016, 40-74, Working paper version available as: CESifo Working Paper 3392 (PDF) | Details

  14. Lehmann, Robert (with Antje Weyh), "Forecasting employment in Europe: Are survey results helpful?", Journal of Business Cycle Research, Forthcoming | Details

  15. Lehmann, Robert, Klaus Wohlrabe, "Looking into the black box of boosting: the case of Germany", Applied Economics Letters, Forthcoming | Details

  16. Potrafke, Niklas, Marina Riem, Christoph Schinke, "Debt brakes in the German states: Governments’ rhetoric and actions", German Economic Review 17 (2), 2016, 253-275, Information | Details

  17. Danzer, Natalia (with Alexander M. Danzer), "The Long-Run Consequences of Chernobyl: Evidence on Subjective Well-Being, Mental Health and Welfare", Journal of Public Economics 135, 2016, 47-60, Information | Details

  18. Berg, Tim Oliver, "Multivariate Forecasting with BVARs and DSGE Models", Journal of Forecasting, Forthcoming, Working paper version available as MPRA Paper No. 62405 | Details

  19. Steiner, Andreas, "Central Banks and Macroeconomic Policy Choices: Relaxing the Trilemma", Journal of Banking and Finance, Forthcoming, More Information | Details

  20. Lergetporer, Philipp (with Silvia Angerer, Daniela Glätzle-Rützler, Matthias Sutter), "How to measure time preferences in children – A comparison of two methods", Journal of the Economics Science Association 1(2), Springer, 2015, 158-169 | Details


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