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The research results of the members of the Ifo Institute and the Center for Economic Studies at the LMU are published in various forms by CESifo and the Ifo Institute, but also by study commissioners and in external scientific journals. This page gives you access to books and articles published since 1990 under various search criteria.

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  1. Potrafke, Niklas, Markus Reischmann, "Explosive Target balances of the German Bundesbank", Economic Modelling, Forthcoming, Accepted: 2014, Working paper version available as: Ifo Working Paper No. 185 (PDF), Information | Details

  2. Potrafke, Niklas, Markus Reischmann, "Explosive Target balances of the German Bundesbank", Ifo Working Paper No. 185, 2014 | Details | PDF Download

  3. Sinn, Hans-Werner, The Euro Trap. On Bursting Bubbles, Budgets, and Beliefs, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2014, 416 , Information | Details

  4. Berg, Tim Oliver, "Time Varying Fiscal Multipliers in Germany", MPRA Paper No. 57223, 2014 | Details

  5. Lehmann, Robert, Wolfgang Nagl, "Möglichkeiten und zeitliche Horizonte regionaler Wirtschaftsprognosen - Grundlage von Flächenbedarfsprognosen", in: Gotthard Meinel, Ulrich Schumacher, Martin Behnisch (Hrsg.): Flächennutzungsmonitoring VI Innenentwicklung - Prognose - Datenschutz, IÖR Schriften, Rhombos-Verlag, Dresden, Forthcoming | Details

  6. Benz, Sebastian, Markus Zimmer (with Mario Larch), "The structure of the German economy", Applied Economics 46 (27), 2014, 3274-3283 | Details

  7. Felbermayr, Gabriel J. (with Peter S. Eppinger), "Bilateral Trade and Similarity of Income Distributions: The Role of Second Moments", Ifo Working Paper No. 184, 2014 | Details | PDF Download

  8. Breuer, Christian (with Horst Rottmann), "Do Labor Market Institutions Influence Suicide Mortality? An International Panel Data Analysis", CESifo Working Paper No. 4875, July 2014 | Details | PDF Download

  9. Wollmershäuser, Timo, Wolfgang Nierhaus, Tim Oliver Berg, Christian Breuer, Christian Grimme, Steffen Henzel, Atanas Hristov, Nikolay Hristov, Michael Kleemann, Wolfgang Meister, Johanna Plenk, Christian Seiler, E. Wieland, Klaus Wohlrabe, Anna Wolf, "ifo Konjunkturprognose 2014/2015: Deutscher Aufschwung setzt sich fort", ifo Schnelldienst 67 (13), 2014, 17-58 | Details | PDF Download

  10. Wohlrabe, Klaus, "Eine Kritik des FAZ-Ökonomenrankings 2013", ifo Schnelldienst 67 (13), 2014, 63-67 | Details

  11. Wohlrabe, Klaus, "ifo Konjunkturtest Juni 2014 in Kürze: Deutsche Wirtschaft befürchtet mögliche Auswirkungen der Krisen in der Ukraine und im Irak", ifo Schnelldienst 67 (13), 2014, 68-70 | Details

  12. Sauer, Stefan, "ifo Investitionstest Einzelhandel und Kfz-Handel: Ausrüstungsinvestitionen sollen etwas forciert werden", ifo Schnelldienst 67 (13), 2014, 59-62 | Details

  13. Nam, Chang Woon (with F. Bartholomae), "Are Large German Cities Really Shrinking? Demographic and Economic Development in Recent Years", in: Harry W. Richardson and Chang Woon Nam (eds.): Shrinking Cities: A Global Perspective, Routledge, UK, 2014, 86-104 | Details

  14. Nam, Chang Woon (with F. Bartholomae), "Halle: A shrinking city in Eastern Germany", in: Harry W. Richardson and Chang Woon Nam (eds.): Shrinking Cities: A Global Perspective, Routledge, UK, 2014, 255-263 | Details

  15. Gröschl, Jasmin, Gabriel Felbermayr, "Naturally Negative: The Growth Effects of Natural Disasters", Journal of Development Economics, Forthcoming | Details

  16. Battisti, Michele, "Individual Wage Growth: the Role of Industry Experience", Industrial Relations, Forthcoming | Details

  17. Falck, Oliver (with Stephan Heblich, Robert Gold), "E-lections: Voting Behavior and the Internet", American Economic Review 104 (7), 2014, 2238-2265 | Details

  18. Nagl, Wolfgang (with Stefan Arent), "Unemployment Compensation and Wages: Evidence from the German Hartz Reforms - Reply", Jahrbücher für Nationalökonomie und Statistik / Journal of Economics and Statistics, Forthcoming | Details

  19. Wohlrabe, Klaus (with Daniel Birkmeier), "Do open access articles in economics have a citation advantage?", MPRA Paper 56842, University Library of Munich, Germany, Munich, 2014 | Details

  20. Falck, Oliver (with Stefan Bauernschuster), "Culture, Spatial Diffusion of Ideas and their Long-Lasting Imprints - Evidence from Froebel's Kindergarten Movement", Journal of Economic Geography, Forthcoming, Working paper version available as: CESifo Working Paper 4749 (PDF) | Details


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