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Presentations at Conferences and Events

An important step towards publication in journals is the presentation of papers at international conferences with a selection procedure. Ifo researchers regularly make presentations of their research results at such events.

Recent presentations

  1. CESifo Group Seminar

    Munich, DE, 18 January 2016: “Centralized Monitoring, Resistance, and Reform Outcomes: Evidence from School Inspections in Prussia” Details

  2. Annual Meeting of the American Economic Association 2016

    03 January 2016, San Francisco (USA): “Returns to ICT Skills” Details

  3. "Distance is crucial, at least for neighbors! Foreign employment at the district level"

    14. Finanzwissenschaftliches Seminar, 18. Dezember 2015, Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin. Details

  4. Keynote Speech "The Knowledge Capital of Nations: Education and the Economics of Growth"

    WU Lectures in Economics, Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien, 16.12.2015. Details

  5. Frontier Research in Economic and Social History (FRESH) Workshop

    Barcelona, ES, 4 December 2015: “Nation Building and Social Capital in Prussia: The Role of Education” Details

  6. “Economic History of Education: An Overview”

    3-4 December, 2015, Frontier Research in Economic and Social History (FRESH), Keynote lecture, Barcelona Details

  7. “Do politicians gratify core supporters? Evidence from a discretionary grant program”

    Australasian Public Choice Conference, December 2015, Brisbane/Australia Details

  8. Korea-OECD PIAAC Joint Conference 2015

    1 December 2015, Paris (France): “Returns to ICT Skills” Details

  9. Was die Deutschen über die Bildungspolitik denken – Ergebnisse des 2. ifo Bildungsbarometers

    ISWA-Seminar "Zwischen Goether und Gates - Eine Schule für's Leben?", Berlin, 30.11.2015. Details

  10. PIAAC International Conference 2015

    24 November 2015, Harlem (The Netherlands): “Returns to ICT Skills” Details

  11. Conference on „Long-Term Processes of Socio-Economic Development” (organized by Volkswagen Foundation)

    Hanover, DE, 21 November 2015: “Primary Schooling and Economic Development in End-of-Nineteenth-Century Prussia” Details

  12. “Uncertainty Shocks and Credit Spreads in Bank-Based and Market-Based Financial Systems"

    10th Workshop on Macroeconomics and Business Cycles, 20.11.2015, Dresden Details

  13. "Verwertung wissenschaftlich basierter Wirtschaftsinformationen"

    5. Transferwerkstatt "Transfer des Transfers, 19. Nov. 2015, Bonn Details


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