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Can Risk-taking Preferences be Modified? Some Experimental Evidence

Alison L. Booth, Patrick J. Nolen

CESifo Working Paper No. 4751 (April 2014)

Primary CESifo Category: [13] Behavioural Economics

We summarise our two sets of controlled experiments designed to see if single-sex classes within coeducational environments modify studentsf risk]taking attitudes. In Booth and Nolen (2012b), subjects are in years 10 and 11, while in Booth, Cardona]Sosa and Nolen (2014), they are first]year university students randomly assigned to single]sex and coed classes. While on average females are significantly less likely than men to make risky choices, on exposure to single]sex environments they behave the same as the males. Thus part of the observed gender difference in behavior under uncertainty found in previous studies might reflect social learning rather than inherent gender traits.

Keywords: gender, risk preferences, single-sex groups, cognitive ability

JEL Classification:
[C900] Design of Experiments: General
[C910] Design of Experiments: Laboratory, Individual
[C920] Design of Experiments: Laboratory, Group Behavior
[D010] Microeconomic Behavior: Underlying Principles
[D800] Information, Knowledge, and Uncertainty: General
[J160] Economics of Gender; Non-labor Discrimination
[J160] Economics of Gender; Non-labor Discrimination
[J240] Human Capital; Skills; Occupational Choice; Labor Productivity

Additional CESifo Category:
[5] Economics of Education
[4] Labour Markets

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