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The CESifo DICE Report is a quarterly, English-language journal featuring articles on institutional regulations and economic policy measures that offer country comparative analyses. Together with the CESifo DICE Database (Database for Institutional Comparisons in Europe), the CESifo DICE Report offers a detailed overview of institutions and international comparison.

The CESifo DICE Report offers a forum for the discussion of institutional questions. Its authors are internationally renowned experts from universities and economic research institutes, as well as from non-academic institutions like central banks and private companies. With its professional, but highly accessible articles, the report is aimed at journalists, decision-makers in politics and business, as well as researchers in academia.

The CESifo DICE Report is divided into various sections. The “Forum” section of every issue examines an institutional issue from various points of view. The “Research Reports” section features recent research into the design and impact of various institutions. Projects and models for institutional reform can be found in the “Reform Models” section. A selection of new entries to the DICE Databank are described and analysed in a more detailed perspective in the “Database” section. Finally, the “News” section offers information on new entries to the DICE database, forthcoming conferences and the latest book publications on institutional regulations.


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Latest issue

CESifo DICE Report 1/2016 (Spring)

  1. "CESifo DICE Report 1/2016 (Spring): Taxation of Pensions", Ifo Institute, Munich, 2016, 01-80, Section: Forum | Details | PDF Download | EPUB Download

  2. Kudrna, George, "Australia’s Retirement Income Policy: Means Testing and Taxation of Pensions", CESifo DICE Report 14 (1), 2016, 03-09 | Details | PDF Download

  3. Emmerson, Carl, "Taxation of Private Pensions in the UK", CESifo DICE Report 14 (1), 2016, 10-13 | Details | PDF Download

  4. Bravo, Jorge Miguel, "Taxation of Pensions in Portugal: A Semi-Dual Income Tax System", CESifo DICE Report 14 (1), 2016, 14-23 | Details | PDF Download

  5. Genser, Bernd and Robert Holzmann, "The Taxation of Internationally Portable Pensions: An Introduction to Fiscal Issues and Policy Options", CESifo DICE Report 14 (1), 2016, 24-29 | Details | PDF Download

  6. Onder, Harun and Pierre Pestieau, "Aging and the Inherited Wealth of Nations", CESifo DICE Report 14 (1), 2016, 30-36 | Details | PDF Download

  7. Antczak, Radoslaw and Asghar Zaidi, "Risk of Poverty among Older People in EU Countries", CESifo DICE Report 14 (1), 2016, 37-46 | Details | PDF Download

  8. Beland, Louis-Philippe, "Political Parties and Economic Outcomes. A Review", CESifo DICE Report 14 (1), 2016, 47-54 | Details | PDF Download

  9. Dolls, Mathias, Clemens Fuest, Dirk Neumann and Andreas Peichl, "A Basic Unemployment Insurance Scheme for the Euro Area", CESifo DICE Report 14 (1), 2016, 55-60 | Details | PDF Download

  10. Bonesrønning, Hans and Jon Marius Vaag Iversen, "Local Responses to a National Productivity-Enhancing Reform", CESifo DICE Report 14 (1), 2016, 61-66 | Details | PDF Download

  11. Hainz, Christa and Lars Hornuf, "Crowdinvesting ", CESifo DICE Report 14 (1), 2016, 67-69 | Details | PDF Download

  12. Brade, Raphael and Marc Piopiunik, "Education and Political Participation", CESifo DICE Report 14 (1), 2016, 70-73 | Details | PDF Download

  13. Nguyen Thi, Hoang Ha and Till Nikolka, "An International Comparison of Energy Taxation in 2015 ", CESifo DICE Report 14 (1), 2016, 74-76 | Details | PDF Download

  14. Méango, Romuald, "The Nature of Self-Employment", CESifo DICE Report 14 (1), 2016, 77-79 | Details | PDF Download

  15. "New at DICE Database, Conferences, Books", CESifo DICE Report 14 (1), 2016, 80 | Details | PDF Download


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