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CESifo DICE Report is a quarterly English-language journal with articles on institutional regulations and economic-policy measures using a country-comparative approach. The word “DICE” refers to our free access “Database for Institutional Comparisons in Europe”.

The CESifo DICE Report comments on new entries to the database and offers a forum for the discussion of institutional topics among researchers from the Ifo Institute, the CESifo research network and other economic research institutions. The journal provides information relevant for economic debate without seeking to be an academic journal. The presentations are aimed at journalists, policy-makers and members of the business community as well as academic economists.

The journal has different sections. In the “Forum” section a specific institutional question is considered from different points of view. Under “Research Reports” the reader finds various topics treated by scholars interested in the design and the effects of institutions. Institutional reform projects are presented under “Reform Models”. The "Database" section comments on new entries to the DICE database, placing them into a larger perspective. Under “News” we inform the reader about conferences, new information on regulations, ongoing research projects, new studies, etc.

Latest issue

CESifo DICE Report 2/2014 (Summer)

  1. "CESifo DICE Report 2/2014 (Summer): Labour Market Adjustments to Large Immigration Influx", Ifo Institute, Munich, 2014, 01-59 | Details | PDF Download | EPUB Download

  2. González, Libertad and Francesc Ortega, "How do Open Economies Adjust to Large Immigration Flows? Sectoral Specialization, Household Services, and Other Mechanisms", CESifo DICE Report 12 (2), 2014, 03-09 | Details | PDF Download

  3. Krieger, Tim, "Public Pensions and Immigration", CESifo DICE Report 12 (2), 2014, 10-15 | Details | PDF Download

  4. Djajic, Slobodan, "Guest-Worker Programs", CESifo DICE Report 12 (2), 2014, 16-19 | Details | PDF Download

  5. Giuntella, Osea, "Immigration and Job Disamenities", CESifo DICE Report 12 (2), 2014, 20-26 | Details | PDF Download

  6. Blien, Uwe, Linda Borrs, Jens Südekum and Katja Wolf, "Local Labour Markets and Cultural Diversity", CESifo DICE Report 12 (2), 2014, 27-34 | Details | PDF Download

  7. Matsuura, Hiroaki, "Does the Constitutional Right to Health Matter? A Review of Current Evidence", CESifo DICE Report 12 (2), 2014, 35-41 | Details | PDF Download

  8. Smith, Nina, "Quota Regulations of Gender Composition on Boards of Directors", CESifo DICE Report 12 (2), 2014, 42-48 | Details | PDF Download

  9. "Labour Migration", CESifo DICE Report 12 (2), 2014, 49-51 | Details | PDF Download

  10. "Older Employees – More Integrated Into Working Life", CESifo DICE Report 12 (2), 2014, 52-54 | Details | PDF Download

  11. "Immigration Restrictions Since the 2007 Crisis", CESifo DICE Report 12 (2), 2014, 55-56 | Details | PDF Download

  12. "Development of Current Accounts", CESifo DICE Report 12 (2), 2014, 57-58 | Details | PDF Download

  13. "New at DICE Database, Conferences, Books", CESifo DICE Report 12 (2), 2014, 59 | Details | PDF Download


CESifo DICE Report
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A quarterly journal for institutional comparisons
Publisher and distributor: Ifo Institute, Poschingerstr. 5, 81679 Munich, Germany,
Phone +49(89)9224-0, Fax +49(89)985369.
Editors: Marcus Drometer, Christa Hainz and Romuald Méango.
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