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The publication database DocBase contains the publications of the CESifo Group and staff publications with other editors. You can search the database according to different criteria. The entries are in the form of abstracts, catchwords and JEL codes. A large number of publications can be downloaded free of charge.

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  1. Dorffmeister, Ludwig, "Zum Eigenheimbau in Deutschland und Europa", in: Verband der Privaten Bausparkassen e.V. (Hrsg.): Bausparen 2016, Jahrbuch des Verbandes der Privaten Bausparkassen e.V., Berlin, 2016, 19-29 | Details

  2. Altiparmakov, Nikola and Milan Nedeljkovic, "Does Pension Privatization Increase Economic Growth? Evidence from Latin America and Eastern Europe", CESifo Working Paper No. 6074, September 2016 | Details | PDF Download

  3. March, Christoph and Robert K. von Weizsäcker, "Coordinating Intergenerational Redistribution and the Repayment of Public Debt", CESifo Working Paper No. 6075, September 2016 | Details | PDF Download

  4. Anelli, Massimo, "The Returns to Elite College Education: A Quasi-Experimental Analysis", CESifo Working Paper No. 6076, September 2016 | Details | PDF Download

  5. Dreher, Axel and Valentin F. Lang, "The Political Economy of International Organizations", CESifo Working Paper No. 6077, September 2016 | Details | PDF Download

  6. Costa-i-Font, Joan, Sergi Jimenez-Martin and Cristina Vilaplana, "Does Long-Term Care Subsidisation Reduce Unnecessary Hospitalisations?", CESifo Working Paper No. 6078, September 2016 | Details | PDF Download

  7. Haan, Jakob de and Jan-Egbert Sturm, "Finance and Income Inequality: A Review and New Evidence", CESifo Working Paper No. 6079, September 2016 | Details | PDF Download

  8. Flach, Lisandra and Florian Unger, "Quality and Gravity in International Trade", CESifo Working Paper No. 6080, September 2016 | Details | PDF Download

  9. Spencer, Nekeisha and Mikhail-Ann Urquhart, "Hurricanes? Let's Make a Move", CESifo Working Paper No. 6081, September 2016 | Details | PDF Download

  10. Voldby Beuchert, Louise, Maria Knoth Humlum, Helena Skyt Nielsen and Nina Smith, "The Short-Term Effects of School Consolidation on Student Achievement: Evidence of Disruption?", CESifo Working Paper No. 6082, September 2016 | Details | PDF Download


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