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The publication database DocBase contains the publications of the CESifo Group and staff publications with other editors. You can search the database according to different criteria. The entries are in the form of abstracts, catchwords and JEL codes. A large number of publications can be downloaded free of charge.

If you are interested in staff publications only, use the filter option. For additional search options go to Staff Publications.


  1. Feld, Lars P., Ekkehard A. Köhler and Daniel Nientiedt, "Ordoliberalism, Pragmatism and the Eurozone Crisis: How the German Tradition Shaped Economic Policy in Europe", CESifo Working Paper No. 5368, May 2015 | Details | PDF Download

  2. Doerrenberg, Philipp, Andreas Peichl and Sebastian Siegloch, "The Elasticity of Taxable Income in the Presence of Deduction Possibilities", CESifo Working Paper No. 5369, May 2015 | Details | PDF Download

  3. Rauch, James E., "Dynastic Entrepreneurship, Entry, and Non-Compete Enforcement", CESifo Working Paper No. 5370, May 2015 | Details | PDF Download

  4. Liu, Li and Benjamin Lockwood, "VAT Notches", CESifo Working Paper No. 5371, May 2015 | Details | PDF Download

  5. "CESifo World Economic Survey May 2015", Ifo Institute, Munich, 2015 | Details | PDF Download

  6. Garnitz, Johanna, Gernot Nerb, Klaus Wohlrabe and Steffen Henzel, "CESifo World Economic Survey May 2015", CESifo World Economic Survey 14 (2), 2015, 01- 26 | Details | PDF Download

  7. Huesmann, Katharina and Achim Wambach, "Constraints on Matching Markets Based on Moral Concerns", CESifo Working Paper No. 5356, May 2015 | Details | PDF Download

  8. Feng, Ying and James E. Rauch, "The Impact of Entrepreneurial Risk Aversion on Wages in General Equilibrium", CESifo Working Paper No. 5358, May 2015 | Details | PDF Download

  9. Hebous, Shafik and Martin Ruf, "Evaluating the Effects of ACE Systems on Multinational Debt Financing and Investment", CESifo Working Paper No. 5360, May 2015 | Details | PDF Download

  10. Dechezleprêtre, Antoine and David Popp, "Fiscal and Regulatory Instruments for Clean Technology Development in the European Union", CESifo Working Paper No. 5361, May 2015 | Details | PDF Download


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