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The publication database DocBase contains the publications of the CESifo Group and staff publications with other editors. You can search the database according to different criteria. The entries are in the form of abstracts, catchwords and JEL codes. A large number of publications can be downloaded free of charge.

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  1. Felbermayr, Gabriel, "Brexit: Was jetzt?", Wirtschaftsdienst 96 (7), 2016, 450-451, Information | Details

  2. Berg, Tim Oliver, "Forecast Accuracy of a BVAR under Alternative Specifications of the Zero Lower Bound", Studies in Nonlinear Dynamics & Econometrics, Forthcoming, Working paper version available as Ifo Working Paper No. 203, PDF-Download | Details

  3. Anderberg, Dan, Helmut Rainer and Kerstin Roeder, "Family-Specific Investments and Divorce: A Theory of Dynamically Inconsistent Household Behavior", CESifo Working Paper No. 5996, July 2016 | Details | PDF Download

  4. Gylfason, Thorvaldur and Anne Meuwese, "Digital Tools and the Derailment of Iceland's New Constitution", CESifo Working Paper No. 5997, July 2016 | Details | PDF Download

  5. Boyer, Pierre C., Nadja Dwenger and Johannes Rincke, "Do Norms on Contribution Behavior Affect Intrinsic Motivation? Field-Experimental Evidence from Germany", CESifo Working Paper No. 5998, July 2016 | Details | PDF Download

  6. Linnemer, Laurent and Michael Visser, "The Most Cited Articles from the Top-5 Journals (1991-2015)", CESifo Working Paper No. 5999, July 2016 | Details | PDF Download

  7. Deuchert, Eva, Martin Huber and Mark Schelker, "Direct and Indirect Effects Based on Difference-in-Differences with an Application to Political Preferences Following the Vietnam Draft Lottery", CESifo Working Paper No. 6000, July 2016 | Details | PDF Download

  8. Moriconi, Simone, "Taxation, Industry Integration and Production Efficiency", CESifo Working Paper No. 6001, July 2016 | Details | PDF Download

  9. Macho-Stadler, Ines, David Pérez-Castrillo and David Wettstein, "Values for Environments with Externalities - The Average Approach", CESifo Working Paper No. 6002, July 2016 | Details | PDF Download

  10. Sen, Suphi and Herman R. J. Vollebergh, "The Effectiveness of Taxing Carbon Content of Energy Consumption", CESifo Working Paper No. 6003, July 2016 | Details | PDF Download


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