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The publication database DocBase contains the publications of the CESifo Group and staff publications with other editors. You can search the database according to different criteria. The entries are in the form of abstracts, catchwords and JEL codes. A large number of publications can be downloaded free of charge.

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  1. Bergbauer, Annika, "The role of inter-personal interactions in South African education", Stellenbosch Economic Working Paper 0916, 2016, PDF Download | Details

  2. Bergbauer, Annika, Roel Bosker and Surette van Staden, "Differences in achievement between home language and language of learning in South Africa: Evidence from prePIRLS 2011", South African Journal of Childhood Education 6 (1), 2016, Information | Details

  3. Cinnirella, Francesco, Marc Klemp and Jacob Weisdorf, "Malthus in the Bedroom: Birth Spacing as Birth Control in Pre-Transition England", Demography, Forthcoming, Working Paper version available as: CESifo Working Paper No. 6167 (PDF) | Details

  4. "Industrie: Weniger günstiges Geschäftsklima", ifo Konjunkturperspektiven 43 (11), 2016, 01-10 | Details

  5. "Bauhauptgewerbe: Geschäftsklima auf neuem Rekordhoch", ifo Konjunkturperspektiven 43 (11), 2016, 11-14 | Details

  6. "Großhandel: Zuversicht gewinnt an Fahrt", ifo Konjunkturperspektiven 43 (11), 2016, 15-18 | Details

  7. "Einzelhandel: Verbesserte Geschäftslage", ifo Konjunkturperspektiven 43 (11), 2016, 19-22 | Details

  8. "Dienstleistungen: Günstigere Geschäftslage", ifo Konjunkturperspektiven 43 (11), 2016, 23-26 | Details

  9. "ifo Konjunkturperspektiven 11/2016", ifo Institut, München, 2016 | Details

  10. Dorn, Florian, Clemens Fuest, Björn Kauder, Luisa Lorenz and Martin Mosler, "Die Beseitigung des Mittelstandsbauchs - Varianten und Kosten", ifo Institut, München, 2016, Studie im Auftrag der Initiative Neue Soziale Marktwirtschaft (INSM) | Details | PDF Download


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