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Ifo Economic Policy Series with Edward Elgar

Image Ifo Economic Policy Series with Edward Elgar

This series is meant to bring selected studies of the Ifo Institute and work emerging from our numerous research co-operations to the attention of an international audience.

The books included in this series are either international in their themes, dealing with important aspects of economic development and institutional design that are often looked at in a comparative fashion. Or, alternatively, even if the contributions are to some extent focused on the economic situation and economic policy in Germany or Europe, they are considered to be of broader interest for academics, business people and policy-makers elsewhere. In any case, or aim is to contribute to establishing a joint, international forum for the discussion of results of applied research on economic policy issues that are topical around the world.

Latest published volume

  1. Information Technology And Productivity Growth - German Trends and OECD Comparisons

    Jul 27, 2009: Theo S. Eicher and Thomas Strobel present an industry-level account of the recent changes in German productivity growth and compare the trends to Europe and the US. The specific focus is on how differential investments in information and communication technologies (ICT) affected the economic performance of these economies. Not all industrialized countries shared the economic fortunes that ICT presented to the US economy. While the US experienced successive accelerations in its trend growth in 1995 and again in 2000, Germany experienced dual reductions in labor productivity growth. Some European economies fared better and others even worse than Germany. Since productivity is the ultimate determinant of living standards, the authors examine the sources of these productivity differentials. They also present a new German growth accounting database that utilizes unique ICT investment data, sourced directly from the industries, to place their findings into an international context. This book is targeted at economists and policymakers alike, and is designed to provide clear guidance for those interested in industrial policy and statistical account methods. Details

Volumes that have already appeared

  1. Eicher, Theo S. and Thomas Strobel, Information Technology And Productivity Growth - German Trends and OECD Comparisons, Ifo Economic Policy 5, Elgar, 2009 | Details

  2. Woessmann, Ludger, Elke Luedemann, Gabriela Schuetz and Martin R. West, School Accountability, Autonomy and Choice around the World , Ifo Economic Policy 4, Elgar, 2009 | Details

  3. Cette, Gilbert, Michel Fouquin and Hans-Werner Sinn, Divergences in productivity between Europe and the United States : measuring and explaining productivity gaps between developed countries, Ifo Economic Policy 3, Elgar, Cheltenham, 2007, XII, 246 | Details

  4. Goldrian, Georg, Handbook of survey-based business cycle analysis, Ifo Economic Policy, 2, Elgar, Cheltenham, 2007, IX, 247 , Bestellungen über / Order via Edward Elgar. | Details

  5. Sinn, Hans-Werner, Christian Holzner, Wolfgang Meister, Wolfgang Ochel and Martin Werding, Redesigning the welfare state : Germany's current agenda for an activating social assistance, Ifo Economic Policy, 1, Elgar, 2006, Bestellungen über / Order via Edward Elgar. | Details

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