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CESifo Seminar Series with MIT Press

This series covers topical policy issues in economics from a largely European perspective. The books in this series are the product of papers presented at conferences hosted by CESifo. The topics range from public finance to international economics and industrial organisation.


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  1. CESifo Seminar Series

    Climate Policy and Nonrenewable Resources

    teaserImage Sep 18, 2014: Karen Pittel, Rick van der Ploeg and Cees Withagen MIT Press 2014 Details

  2. CESifo Seminar Series

    The Economics of Conflict

    teaserImage Feb 2, 2014: Karl Wärneryd MIT Press 2014 Details

  3. CESifo Seminar Series

    Firms in the International Economy

    teaserImage Dec 12, 2013: Sjoerd Beugelsdijk , Steven Brakman, Hans van Ees and Harry Garretsen MIT Press 2013 Details

  4. CESifo Seminar Series

    Global Interdependence, Decoupling, and Recoupling

    teaserImage Nov 11, 2013: Edited by Yin-Wong Cheung and Frank Westermann MIT Press 2013 Details

  5. CESifo Seminar Series

    Lessons from the Economics of Crime

    teaserImage Nov 11, 2013: Edited by Philip J. Cook, Stephen Machin , Olivier Marie and Giovanni Mastrobuoni MIT Press 2013 Details

  6. CESifo Seminar Series

    Central Bank Communication, Decision Making, and Governance

    teaserImage Jul 19, 2013: Edited by Pierre L. Siklos and Jan-Egbert Sturm MIT Press 2013 Details

  7. CESifo Seminar Series

    Critical Issues In Taxation And Development

    teaserImage Apr 15, 2013: Edited by Clemens Fuest and George R. Zodrow MIT Press 2013 Details

  8. CESifo Seminar Series

    The Evolving Role of China in the Global Economy

    teaserImage Nov 1, 2012: Edited by Yin-Wong Cheung and Jakob de Haan MIT Press 2012 Details

  9. CESifo Seminar Series

    The Continuing Evolution of Europe

    teaserImage Feb 1, 2012: Edited by Thiess Buettner and Wolfgang Ochel MIT Press 2012 Details

  10. CESifo Seminar Series

    Illicit Trade and the Global Economy

    teaserImage Jan 1, 2012: Edited by Cláudia Costa Storti and Paul De Grauwe MIT Press 2012 Details


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