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  1. Residential Building Permits Rise Markedly in Europe in 2015

    Jul 30, 2015: Selected results of the EUROCONSTRUCT summer conference 2015 The recovery in European residential construction is continuing: in 16 of the 19 EUROCONSTRUCT member countries the volume of construction services looks set to increase in the current year, while growth in nine countries is even forecast to exceed the 3% marker. These are the results of the network’s country forecasts published in June and presented in the latest issue of ifo Schnelldienst. Details

  2. Credit Constraint Indicator - From the Ifo Business Survey for July 2015

    Credit Constraints Edge Upwards

    Jul 30, 2015: Credit constraints for German companies rose to 15.4 percent in July from 15.1 percent last month. This put a stop to the trend towards undercutting seen in recent months. Companies, however, still have virtually no problems accessing bank credit. Details

  3. Results of the Ifo Business Survey for July 2015

    Ifo Business Climate for Eastern German Companies Brightens Considerably

    Jul 29, 2015: The Ifo Business Climate Index for Eastern German trade and industry rose sharply in July to 107.4 points from 105.8 index points in June, almost compensating for the declines of the past two months. The marked increase in the eastern German climate indicator was due to better assessments of the current business situation. At the same time, assessments of the six-month business outlook were less pessimistic. The agreement reached in principle on Greece is expected to boost the Eastern German economy. Details

  4. Ifo Employment Barometer - Results of the Ifo Business Survey for July 2015

    Readiness to Recruit Wanes in the German Economy

    Jul 29, 2015: The Ifo Employment Barometer fell in July to 107.2 from 107.8 points last month. Companies in many branches are nevertheless still looking for staff. The positive employment dynamic continued to weaken. Details

  5. Ifo Export Expectations - Results of the Ifo Business Survey for July 2015

    Export Outlook Continues to Cloud Over

    Jul 28, 2015: The export expectations for German companies continued to decline this month, falling to 7.6 balance points in July from 9.2 points in June. The increase in exports continued to weaken. The expansive effects of the euro depreciation are slowly dissipating. In addition, cautious economic activity in several emerging economies is having a negative impact on the German export dynamic. Details


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