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  1. Credit Constraint Indicator - From the Ifo Business Survey for April 2015

    Credit Constraints Edge Down to Historic Low

    Apr 29, 2015: Credit constraints for German companies fell to 16.0 percent in April from 16.1 percent last month, marking a fresh historic low. German companies continue to have no problem in accessing credit for investment purposes. Details

  2. Climate Fee for Coal-Fired Power Stations Is Counterproductive

    Apr 28, 2015: The planned climate fee for coal-fired power stations in Germany is inefficient, drives up costs and offers few investment incentives, warned Prof. Karen Pittel, Director of the Ifo Center for Energy, Climate and Exhaustible Resources on Tuesday in Munich at the start of a workshop on the potential comeback of coal. The climate fee will not help to lower emissions, but is expected to further erode European emissions trading. Instead of drawing on the efficiency of uniform prices in emissions trading, the latter is only being further undermined by market interventions like the climate fee. Details

  3. Results of the Ifo Business Survey for April 2015

    Ifo Business Climate Index for Eastern Germany Sees Marked Spring Upturn

    Apr 28, 2015: The Ifo Business Climate Index for trade and industry in Eastern Germany rose to 109.3 index points in April from 108.5 points last month. Eastern German survey participants reported doing better business than in March. They also expect business developments to be more favourable over the next six months. Eastern Germany’s economy made a dynamic start to the second quarter of 2015. Details

  4. Ifo Employment Barometer - Results of the Ifo Business Survey for April 2015

    German Companies Continue To Recruit More Staff

    Apr 28, 2015: German companies still intend to recruit additional staff. The Ifo Employment Barometer remained stable at 108.1 points in April. The main recruitment driver is still the services sector, where companies are keen to increase their staff numbers. Details

  5. Ifo Export Expectations Results of the Ifo Business Survey for April 2015

    Export Outlook for Manufacturing Somewhat Less Optimistic

    Apr 27, 2015: The export expectations for German companies clouded over a little in April, falling to 11.3 balance points from 12.1 points in March. Despite this downturn, the majority of companies still expect turnover abroad to rise. The increase is merely expected to be smaller than previously. Details


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