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  1. Germans Favour Compulsory Preschool and the Abolition of Fees – Results of the First Ifo Education Barometer

    Sep 15, 2014: Germans are in favour of compulsory preschool attendance (86 percent), the abolition of preschool fees (84 percent) and a whole-day school system with lessons until 3 p.m. (60 percent). The majority of Germans (51 percent) is opposed to childcare subsidies for stay-at-home parents. Moreover, Germans are in favour of a nationwide exit exam for the Abitur (A-level equivalent) and think that it is important that the country performs well in the PISA test. These are the results of the first Ifo Education Barometer, a new, comprehensive and representative public opinion survey of over 4,000 Germans supported by the Leibniz Association. Details

  2. Germany on Track To Become World Champion in Capital Exports

    Sep 12, 2014: After winning the Football World Cup Germany is also on track to become world champion in capital exports in 2014, reported the Ifo Institute in Munich. The German current account, which is forecast to total 280 billion US dollars for 2014, is once again higher than that of China, which is expected to post a surplus of around 230 billion US dollars this year. Lagging some way behind in third place is oil exporter Saudi Arabia. In Germany the main driving force is trade in goods, which by July had already generated a surplus of 133 billion euros. Details

  3. Ifo Researcher Ludger Wößmann Receives Gossen Prize

    Sep 8, 2014: The German Association of Economists has awarded Ifo researcher Ludger Wößmann, 41, the Gossen Prize. Wößmann has provided new insights into the impact of education, according to a statement by the Association of German Economists (Verein für Socialpolitik) made in Hamburg, where the prize worth 10,000 euros was awarded. Wößmann’s research into the determining factors of the returns on education, the importance of education for the economy by international comparison, and its influence on development processes has attracted a great deal of attention in the fields of empirical labour economics, education research and the history of economics. Details

  4. Ifo President Hans-Werner Sinn Receives Two Awards

    Sep 8, 2014: Ifo President Hans-Werner Sinn has received awards from the German Association of Economists (Verein für Socialpolitik) and the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. On Sunday evening Sinn was awarded the Association’s newly created Gustav Schmoller Medal. At the Association’s annual meeting in Hamburg its Chairman, Michael C. Burda, said: “Hans-Werner Sinn’s term of office as Chairman (1997-2000) was a period of major innovation for the German Association of Economists. With the new versions of the Association’s publications, the introduction of the innovative lecture prize programme for junior economists who present their work at international conferences and the first edition of the Gossen prize, Sinn gave the Association crucial impulses that had, and will continue to have a lasting influence on our society.” These measures have made a significant contribution to the internationalisation of German economics. Details

  5. The Ifo Institute Mourns Former President Karl Heinrich Oppenländer

    Sep 5, 2014: The Ifo Institute mourns its former president Karl Heinrich Oppenländer, who passed away on August 29 at the age of 82 years. Prof. Dr. Oppenländer was President of the Ifo Institute from 1976 to 1999. He then served for six years as a member of the Ifo Board of Trustees. He began his career at the Institute as an economist in 1958. His specialty was business-cycle and economic growth research. Prof. Oppenländer helped establish the reputation of Germany’s most important leading indicator, the Ifo Business Climate Index. As president, he was the driving force behind the founding of the Dresden Branch of the Ifo Institute in 1993. He bore the German Federal Cross of Merit 1st Class, the Bavarian Order of Merit and held an honorary doctorate from the Russian Academy of Sciences. Details


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