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Coverage in International Media

National and international media frequently cite and comment on the output of the Ifo Institute. In this way the media assist us in our objective of informing the public, contributing to the debate of economic issues, and providing decision makers with sound economic fundamentals.

Selection of recent coverage in international media

  1. This could be TRADE WAR: Stark warnings over Trump’s ‘German tax’ as Merkel meets Trump
    Press echo,, 17.03.2017. Details

  2. German pensions crisis is warning to rest of the world
    Press echo,, 16.03.2017. Details

  3. Jaguar Pushes Cool Cars as Automakers Seek Answers to Trade Wars
    Press echo,, 07.03.2017. Details

  4. Schaeuble Says Germany Isn't Trade Manipulator, Rebuffing U.S.
    Press echo,, 07.03.2017. Details

  5. Wie die US-Steuerpläne Europa treffen würden
    Press echo, Der Standard, 08.03.2017. Details

  6. Les promesses économiques des populistes sont-elles réalistes?
    Press echo, Le Monde Economie, 07.03.2017. Details

  7. La BCE maintient sa politique de taux et de rachats d'actifs
    Press echo, Reuters auf, 09.03.2017. Details

  8. La BCE doit songer à en finir avec le QE-Ifo
    Press echo, Reuters auf, 09.03.2017. Details

  9. De economische gevolgen van populisten aan de macht
    Press echo, NRC Handelsblad, 03.03.2017. Details

  10. Le scénario d’une victoire du Front national effraie les Allemands
    Press echo, Les Echos, 25.02.2017, p. 4. Details

  11. Buoyant German economic growth will be tough to sustain
    Press echo, Reuters, 12th January 2017. Details

  12. German economy surges at fastest rate in five years
    Press echo, Reuters, 12th January 2017. Details

  13. Talousnobelisti Holmström Trumpin vaalivoitosta: "Tieteellisesti mielenkiintoista"
    Presseecho, Yle, 16.11.2016. Details

  14. L'Allemagne juge le contexte économique incertain
    Press echo, Reuters, published in, 11.11.2016 Details

  15. German economy likely grew in third quarter despite Brexit; Trump adds to uncertainty: ministry
    Presseecho, Reuters, 11.11.2016 Details

  16. Analysis: EU Finance Ministers Weigh Fines for Missed Fiscal Targets Against Rising Euroscepticism
    Presseecho, Market News, 06.07.2016. Details

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