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In the Ifo Viewpoint releases we present the Ifo perspective on topical issues in economic policy.

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  1. Ifo Viewpoint No. 160: Europe’s Brush with Debt

    Munich, 29 October 2014 French Prime Minister Manuel Valls and his Italian counterpart, Matteo Renzi, have declared – or at least insinuated – that they will not comply with the fiscal compact to which all of the eurozone’s member countries agreed in 2012; instead, they intend to run up fresh Details

  2. Ifo Viewpoint No. 159: German Gerontocracy

    Munich, 11 June 2014 Germany’s demographic time bomb is ticking. Baby boomers born in 1964 are now 50 years old and plan to claim their retirement benefits in 15 or even 13 years’ time. However, the combination of a growing number of pensioners and far fewer younger people is leading Details

  3. Ifo Viewpoint No. 158: Piketty’s World Formula

    Munich, 14 May 2014 Thomas Piketty’s book on inequality hit a sensitive spot with the Americans. It channelled the mounting dissatisfaction in a country that lacks a robust welfare system and a more progressive tax system.  His book has a whiff of Karl Marx, with Piketty’s style of writing and Details


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