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In the Ifo Viewpoint releases we present the Ifo perspective on topical issues in economic policy.

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  1. Ifo Viewpoint No. 163: Why the Taxpayer is on the Hook

    Munich, 18 March 2015 It has repeatedly been attempted in the media to demonstrate that taxpayers would not have to foot the bill should losses occur from the purchases of government bonds by the European Central Bank (ECB). The ECB balance sheet, it is asserted, is pure fiction. It can Details

  2. Ifo Viewpoint No. 162: Europe’s Shadow Budget

    Munich, 20 February 2015 More details about the European Commission’s 315 billion euros investment plan for 2015–2017 have finally come to light. The program, announced by European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker in November, amounts to a massive shadow budget, twice as large as the European Union’s annual official budget, that Details

  3. Ifo Viewpoint No. 161: The Case for Capital Controls

    Munich, 19 February 2015 Capital flight out of Greece is in full swing. People are hoarding euro cash under the mattress, squirrelling it away or packing it into suitcases to bring it out of the country. Most of all, wealthy Greeks, banks and international investors are issuing payment orders to Details


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