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In the Ifo Viewpoint releases we present the Ifo perspective on topical issues in economic policy.

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  1. Ifo Viewpoint No. 176: How to deal with Brexit

    The vote for Brexit was a resounding slap in the face to the so-called political and economic elites in London, Brussels and across Europe from British voters. It is not easy to react in an appropriate manner in such cases. Like other fits of anger, the Brexit was caused by Details

  2. Ifo Viewpoint No. 170: Do Not Perpetuate the Dutch Disease in Europe: Lessons from German Reunification for a European Fiscal Union

    Munich, 9 November 2015 Europe is debating further moves towards a transfer union, following the implicit and explicit transfers in the form of fiscal rescue programmes and monetary bail-out operations by the European Central Bank (ECB). French President François Hollande and his young Minister of Economy Emmanuel Macron are now Details

  3. Ifo Viewpoint No. 169: Why “Grexit” Could Be Good for Greece

    Munich, 9 July 2015 It is a shame that Greece was unable to manage its finances and is now slipping into chaos. But this outcome was inevitable and could not be permanently averted with loans from the international community. The Greek government was effectively bankrupt back in 2012, in what Details

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