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In the Ifo Viewpoint releases we present the Ifo perspective on topical issues in economic policy.

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  1. Ifo Viewpoint No. 183: Brexit Negotiations: Germany Must Make a Case for Free Trade with Britain

    The time has finally come. In a few days the British government will formally declare Britain’s exit from the EU. The country’s EU membership is expected to end in March 2019. The terms of Britain’s exit and its future relations with the EU will be defined in the intervening period. Details

  2. Ifo Viewpoint No. 182: The Trump Tax: a Revolution in International Corporate Taxation

    In recent weeks Donald Trump has repeatedly warned that foreign companies which distribute their products in the USA, but do not produce there, will be punished with an import tax of 35 percent. He has not yet explained how he plans to implement this tax. There are, however, strong indications Details

  3. Ifo Viewpoint No. 181: The Minimum Wage: Time to Take Stock

    On 1 January 2015 a nationwide minimum wage of 8.50 euros per hour was implemented in Germany. As of January 2017 this wage will be raised to 8.84 euros. It is time to take stock. Although the debate over the minimum wage focuses strongly on its employment effects, the key Details

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