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ifo Viewpoints

In the ifo Viewpoint releases we present the ifo perspective on topical issues in economic policy. read on ifo Viewpoints

Staff Comments in the Media

The following is a selection of comments on current economic policy issues made by staff of the CESifo Group in newspapers and journals.
Comments of ifo researchers on current economy-policy areas on radio and television as well as reports on research results, publications and events are archived in the Media Library of the CESifo Group Munich. read on Staff Comments in the Media

EEAG Report

The EEAG Report on the European Economy includes a growth forecast as well as other topical European themes. It is provided by the EEAG European Economic Advisory Group at CESifo. read on EEAG Report

ifo Policy Issues

Economic policy advice is a service offered by the ifo Institute. Identifying reform requirements for political institutions, the media and the general public is consequently an important element of the ifo Institute’s mission. In the section on publications and press echo, we have collected the issues that have received public attention as a result of ifo initiatives. read on ifo Policy Issues

Financial Assistance for the Euro Countries and Germany’s Liability

Over the course of the government debt crisis five countries in the euro currency area have claimed international financial assistance: Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and Cyprus.
read on Financial Assistance for the Euro Countries and Germany’s Liability

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