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Education Pays Off

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Apr 21, 2017: Education is an investment: it costs time, commitment and, above all, money. But the effort put into education pays off. According to a recent study conducted by the ifo Institute on behalf of Union Investment, individuals with a university degree earn between 22 and 64 percent more income over their entire career. "Education not only pays off in terms of higher earnings. It also significantly reduces the risk of unemployment," notes Ludger Wößmann, Director of the ifo Center for the Economics of Education.


  1. Piopiunik, Marc, Franziska Kugler and Ludger Wößmann, "Einkommenserträge von Bildungsabschlüssen im Lebensverlauf: Aktuelle Berechnungen für Deutschland", ifo Schnelldienst 70 (07), 2017, 19-30 | Details | PDF Download


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