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Further Development of European Monetary Union – A Review of the Ifo Institute’s Annual General Meeting

Image Further Development of European Monetary Union – A Review of the Ifo Institute’s Annual General Meeting

Jul 11, 2013: The theme of Ifo’s Annual General Meeting this year was: “The further development of European Monetary Union.” As one of the speakers in the public part of the event, Ifo President Hans-Werner Sinn gave an introduction to the topic, described the crisis situation and presented potential options for Europe. In the opinion of Dietrich Murswiek, Managing Director of the Institute for Public Law, University of Freiburg, developments in monetary union since the onset of the crisis have tended towards less market and more centralism, and towards less autonomy and more control. Otmar Issing, President of the Center for Financial Studies, Goethe-University Frankfurt, demanded the return to the no bail-out principle once crisis management is over.

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Articles (in German with English abstracts)

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