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Ifo World Economic Survey

Since 1981 the Ifo Institute has conducted a quarterly survey in numerous countries on business cycle developments and other economic factors in the experts' home countries.

Latest results

  1. Results of the Ifo World Economic Survey (WES) of 3rd quarter 2014 (13 August 2014)

    Ifo World Economic Climate Brightens Slightly

    Aug 13, 2014: The Ifo Index for the world economy rose to 105.0 points from 102.3 points in the previous quarter. Both assessments of the current economic situation, as well as the economic outlook, improved somewhat versus April. World economic activity remains on the rise. The risks, however, have grown: almost three quarters of the WES experts surveyed believe that rising energy prices and supply shortages pose a moderate to high potential threat to the world economy. Details

  2. Advance results of the Ifo World Economic Survey (WES) of 3rd quarter 2014 (06 August 2014)

    Ifo Economic Climate in the Euro Area Clouds Over

    Aug 6, 2014: The Ifo Index for the economic climate in the euro area fell from 123.0 points to 118.9 points in the third quarter. While assessments of the current economic situation remained unchanged at a low level, the six-month economic outlook deteriorated significantly. The experts surveyed fear rising energy prices and falling exports due to the Ukraine conflict. Details

Survey design

The Ifo World Economic Survey (WES) is designed to give an accurate picture of the economic situation and forecasts for important industrial, emerging and developing economies on a quarterly basis. Unlike the official statistics, which are primarily constructed around quantitative information, WES consists of qualitative information: appraisals and expectations of economic experts. Whereas the official statistics on the international level often appear after considerable delays, the WES results are timely and internationally comparable. Especially in countries where the data base of the official statistics is insecure, the appraisals and expectations expressed by on-site economic experts in the WES survey are of particular importance.

The survey relies on the participation of economic experts of multinational firms and institutions. Participants receive an exclusive, comprehensive report of the results. If you are interested in participating in the business surveys of the Ifo Institute, please contact Ms. Johanna Plenk. For further information, contact Dr. Gernot Nerb.   

Contact for participation in the survey

Johanna Plenk

Ifo Institute
Ifo Center for Business Cycle Analysis and Surveys
Phone: +49(0)89/9224-1227
Fax: +49(0)89/907795-1227

Further information

Dr. Gernot Nerb

Ifo Institute
Ifo Center for Industrial Organisation and New Technologies
Phone: +49(0)89/9224-1236
Fax: +49(0)89/907795-1236

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