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Ifo Personnel Manager Survey

The Ifo Institute conducts a quarterly survey for Randstad Deutschland GmbH & Co KG of personnel managers from different economic sectors as to the importance of flexibility in personnel management. The survey examines the question of what role corresponding flexibility measures play not only in the business cycle but also in the long term. Additionally, a special question is asked every quarter on a current personnel-policy topic. The Randstad-ifo-flexindex is published by the Randstad Deutschland GmbH & Co KG.

Latest results

  1. Randstad Ifo Personnel Manager Survey for Quarter 1 2016

    Internships and the minimum wage

    Jun 2, 2016: The special question for the first quarter of 2016 asked personnel managers about internships. It analyses differences in the offering of voluntary internships and compulsory internships in the periods before and since 2015, the usual duration of internships and whether their duration differed as of 2015. Details


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