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Ifo Manager Survey

The telephone survey, which was introduced already in 1988 as a supplement to the other Ifo surveys, proved to be an important instrument for particular sensitive issues. In addition to the four polls commissioned by Wirtschaftswoche, the Ifo Institute surveyed the participants of more then 1000 manufacturing companies, construction firms, distributors and service providers on other topical issues. The results are published in Wirtschaftswoche and in ifo Schnelldienst.

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  1. Ifo Manager Survey

    Ifo Manager Survey "Federations" June 2016

    Jun 1, 2016: The results show that the vast majority of companies are members of a (business) association. The majority of the managers surveyed is satisfied with the association’s work and rates it as good to very good. Although there are hardly any differences in their evaluations of associations compared to previous surveys, there were larger discrepancies in terms of the influence of unions. Managers believe that unions have a significantly greater influence over politics than previously. Accordingly, 53 percent – almost 10 percent more than in 2011 – now assesses the influence of politics as high. The influence of unions on politics has also grown recently, according to survey participants. Details

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