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  1. Credit Constraint Indicator - From the Ifo Business Survey for February 2015

    Credit Constraints Hit Historic Low Once Again

    Feb 27, 2015: Credit constraints for German companies fell to 16.2 percent in February from 17.1 percent last month, taking them 0.9 percentage points below the historic low reached in January. The flood of money expected from the European Central Bank seems to be encouraging banks to further ease their already loose credit constraints. Details

  2. Results of the Ifo Investment Survey for German manufacturing in Fall 2014

    German Manufacturing: Willingness to Invest Rises

    Feb 26, 2015: German manufacturers invested around 55 billion euros in new fixed assets, according to the results of the latest Ifo Investment Survey. This figure was only 3% higher than the previous year’s level. The real increase was of around the same magnitude due to the relatively stable price of capital goods in 2014. Original investment plans featured a 9% increase. Details

  3. Results of the Ifo Business Survey for February 2015

    Ifo Business Climate Index for Eastern German Länder Remains on the Rise

    Feb 26, 2015: The Ifo Business Climate for the Eastern German Länder improved for the third month in succession. The satisfaction of Eastern German companies with their current business situation rose markedly this month. Survey participants in Eastern Germany are also no longer as pessimistic about future business developments as previously. The pace of positive developments in the Eastern German economy picked up. Details

  4. Ifo Employment Barometer - Results of the Ifo Business Survey for February 2015

    German Firms Recruit Fewer Staff

    Feb 25, 2015: German firms proved slightly less willing to recruit new staff this month. The Ifo Employment Barometer fell to 106.8 index points in February from 108.1 index points in January. There were setbacks in the service sector and a growing number of bright spots in manufacturing. Details

  5. Results of the February 2015 Ifo Business Survey

    German Service Sector: Ifo Business Climate Indicator for the Service Sector Falls

    Feb 23, 2015: The Ifo Business Climate Indicator for the German service sector fell to 22.7 balance points in February, from 24.6 points last month. Service providers were clearly less satisfied with their current business situation, but expressed greater optimism about future business. Firms still plan to recruit additional staff, although to a lesser extent than in January. Details

  6. Results of the February 2015 Ifo Business Survey

    Ifo Business Climate Index Edges Upwards

    Feb 23, 2015: The Ifo Business Climate Index for industry and trade in Germany rose to 106.8 points in February from 106.7 points last month. Satisfaction with the current business situation decreased somewhat, but companies expressed greater confidence in future business developments. The German economy is proving robust in the face of geopolitical uncertainty. Details

  7. Regional evaluation for Saxony of the Ifo Business Survey in January 2015

    Saxony’s Economy Makes a Dynamic Start to 2015

    Feb 13, 2015: The Ifo Business Climate Index for German trade and industry rose to 106.7 points in January from 105.5 points in the previous month. The Saxon climate indicator also showed a similarly sharp increase; while the improvement in the Eastern German business climate, by contrast, was more moderate. Saxon survey participants assessed their current business as significantly better than last month. There was no change in the overall six-month business outlook. The Saxon economy entered the New Year still riding on the back of the recent upswing seen in the fourth quarter of 2014. Details

  8. Results of the Ifo World Economic Survey (WES) of 1st quarter 2015 (12 February 2015)

    Ifo World Economic Climate Remains Almost Unchanged

    Feb 12, 2015: The Ifo Index for the world economy edged upwards to 95.9 points after tumbling to 95.0 points last quarter. The improvement in the world economic climate was entirely due to slightly more positive economic expectations. Assessments of the current economic situation remained at last quarter’s level. Overall, the world economy showed little dynamism, but there are significant regional differences. Details

  9. Advance results of the Ifo World Economic Survey (WES) of 1st quarter 2015 (05 February 2015)

    Ifo Economic Climate in the Euro Area Brightens

    Feb 5, 2015: The Ifo Index for the economic climate in the euro area rose to 112.7 points in the first quarter from 102.3 points last quarter. It is now above its long-term average of 106.1 points. Assessments of both the current economic situation and of the six-month economic outlook brightened. There are signs of an economic recovery in the euro area. Experts expect to see a price increase of 0.7% in 2015 and an annual inflation rate of around 1.6% over the next three to five years. Details

  10. Ifo Export Climate for December 2014

    Corporate Confidence in the USA Constrains Ifo Export Climate

    Feb 4, 2015: The Ifo Export Climate fell to 0.23 index points in December, from 0.37 points in the previous month. Corporate and consumer confidence abroad dropped compared to last month. Germany’s price competitiveness had a slightly constraining effect on the export climate, which deteriorated somewhat in December, after improving for seven consecutive months. Details

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