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  1. Credit Constraint Indicator - From the Ifo Business Survey for September 2015

    Credit Constraints Drop to Historical Low

    Sep 29, 2015: German companies are currently enjoying easier access to credit than ever before. Credit constraints for German trade and industry plunged to a new historic low of 14.8 percent in September from 15.0 percent last month. Financing conditions remain excellent. There are practically no credit constraints for German companies at the moment. Details

  2. Results of the Ifo Business Survey for September 2015

    Ifo Business Climate for Eastern Germany Brightens Again

    Sep 28, 2015: The Ifo Business Climate Indicator for eastern German industry and trade rose sharply to 108.7 points in September from 107.8 index points in August. Eastern German survey participants once again assessed their current business situation as better than last month. Their six-month business outlook was also more favourable. The eastern German economy can look back on a strong third quarter 2015 in September. Details

  3. Ifo Employment Barometer - Results of the Ifo Business Survey for September 2015

    German Companies Continue to Recruit New Staff

    Sep 28, 2015: German companies still intend to recruit more staff. The Ifo Employment Barometer rose to 108.6 points in September from 108.4 last month. The number of employees will continue to rise as a result. The main driver of developments remains the service sector. Details

  4. Ifo Export Climate for August 2015

    Confidence in Abroad Remains Stable

    Sep 28, 2015: The Ifo Export Climate fell from 0.28 index points in July to 0.05 points in August. This decline was due to a deterioration in price competitiveness resulting from the 1.3 percent appreciation of the euro against the US dollar in August; the effective nominal appreciation of the euro was slightly higher. There was, however, little change in aggregate business and consumer confidence abroad compared to last month. Details

  5. Ifo Export Expectations - Ifo Business Survey for September 2015

    German Industry Still Expects Slow Growth in Exports

    Sep 25, 2015: The growing pessimism seen in the export industry in recent months has ground to a halt. After five consecutive decreases, the Ifo Export Expectations rose from 7.4 to 7.7 balance points in September. The negative influence exerted by the difficult economic situation in the emerging economies and events in China did not increase any further this month. Details

  6. Results of the Ifo Architects Survey of 3rd quarter 2015

    Ifo Architects Survey: Business Climate Remains Good

    Sep 24, 2015: The business climate remained good at the beginning of the third quarter of 2015, according to the results of the Ifo Institute’s survey of freelance architects. Details

  7. Results of the September 2015 Ifo Business Survey

    Ifo Business Climate Index Edges Upwards

    Sep 24, 2015: The Ifo Business Climate Index for German industry and trade rose in September to 108.5 from 108.4 points (seasonally revised) last month. Companies assessed their current business situation slightly less favourably than in August. However, they expressed greater optimism about future business developments. The German economy is proving robust. Details

  8. Results of the September 2015 Ifo Business Survey

    German Service Sector: Ifo Business Climate Indicator Falls Slightly

    Sep 24, 2015: After reaching a record of 30.7 balance points last month, the Ifo Business Climate indicator for the German service sector edged downwards to 30.2 points in September. Very good assessments of the current business situation nevertheless continued to improve and hit a new record high. Optimism about the business outlook, however, waned slightly. Personnel plans remain expansive. Details

  9. Regional evaluation for Saxony of the Ifo Business Survey in August 2015

    Saxon’s Economy Makes Further Headway

    Sep 10, 2015: The Ifo Business Climate Index for German industry and trade rose in August to 108.3 points from 108.0 in July. The climate indicators for the eastern German federal states as a whole and for the Free State of Saxony have also improved significantly. The survey participants in Saxony are again more satisfied with their current business than in July. In addition, for the first time since April of this year, companies in Saxony expect an overall favourable business performance in the coming six months. Saxon’s economy is making further headway. Details

  10. Ifo Export Climate for July 2015

    Export Climate Continues to Improve

    Aug 31, 2015: The Ifo Export Climate improved from 0.21 index points in June to 0.31 points in July. Business and consumer confidence abroad declined slightly. Price competitiveness improved significantly in July due to the depreciation of the euro against the dollar. Details

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