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Ifo Economic Forecast: East Germany and Saxony

The monitoring of economic activity has been one of the main tasks of Ifo Dresden since its founding in 1993. In recent years a system for economic forecasting has been developed using data from the Ifo Business Survey in eastern Germany and Saxony.
Twice a year since 2001 Ifo Dresden, in consultation with the business-cycle researchers at the Ifo Institute in Munich, have presented forecasts on the development of the economy and labour market in Saxony and since 2004 for all of eastern Germany. These forecasts are based on Ifo’s summer and winter economic forecasts for all of Germany. The forecasts are presented at a press conference and to the working group Konjunkturbeobachtung Sachsen and published in the journal ifo Dresden berichtet.

Next Internet Publication Date of the Ifo Economic Forecast for East Germany: 03.07.2014

The Ifo Economic Forecast for East Germany and Saxony will be presented on July 3rd, 2014 at a Ifo Dresden press conference and will be available online at this time. read on Next Internet Publication Date of the Ifo Economic Forecast for East Germany: 03.07.2014

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  1. Ifo Economic Forecast 19.12.2013

    Upswing Postponed Until Next Year - Ifo Economic Forecast for Eastern Germany and Saxony 2013/2014

    Dec 19, 2013: Dresden, 19 December 2013 – The prospect of an upswing in Eastern Germany (including Berlin) and Sachsen has been postponed until next year. Price-adjusted gross domestic product for Eastern Germany is only expected to have increased by 0.2 percent in 2013. Growth looks set to total 1.6 percent in 2014. These figures were presented on 19 December by the Deputy Executive Director of the Dresden Branch of the Ifo Institute Prof. Joachim Ragnitz. “The reconstruction measures related to flooding were initiated later than expected”, highlighted Ragnitz. “That pushes a large share of the value creation into next year” he added. Details


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