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Ifo Economic Forecast 26 June 2013

Ifo Economic Forecast 2013/2014: Favourable Perspectives for the German Economy

After a weak winter the German economy looks set to revive over the course of 2013. These are the indications of the Ifo Business Climate Index, which has stabilised at an above-average level in recent months. As long as no significant escalation of the euro crisis occurs, the outlook for next year is also favourable. Real gross domestic product, at a (2/3 probability) uncertainty interval of 0.0% to 1.2 %, should increase by 0.6 % on annual average in 2013. Growth of 1.9% is expected for 2014. Only moderate improvements, however, are expected in the employment situation.

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Press conference with Kai Carstensen
26.06.2013 | 01:07:07 | in German


  1. Carstensen, Kai, Wolfgang Nierhaus, Tim Oliver Berg, Christian Breuer, Christian Grimme, Steffen Henzel, Atanas Hristov, Nikolay Hristov, Michael Kleemann, Wolfgang Meister, Johanna Plenk, Leonhard Salzmann, Klaus Wohlrabe, Anna Wolf, Timo Wollmershäuser and Peter Zorn, "ifo Konjunkturprognose 2013/2014: Günstige Perspektiven für die deutsche Konjunktur", ifo Schnelldienst 66 (13), 2013, 17-64 | Details | PDF Download

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