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Eurozone Economic Outlook

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A joint initiative of leading European economic institutes (Ifo Institute in Munich, INSEE in Paris and Istat in Rome) to produce short-term forecasts for GDP, consumption, industrial production and inflation in the euro zone.

Latest result

  1. Eurozone Economic Outlook July 2015

    Recovery Spreading

    Jul 7, 2015: In Q1 2015, economic activity in the Eurozone sustained its growth momentum (+0.4%). Real domestic product is set to grow at a similar pace in Q2 (+0.4%) and accelerate slightly through the end of 2015 (+0.5% in Q3 and Q4), mainly driven by domestic demand. Growth is expected to average +1.4% in 2015, after +0.9 % in 2014. Details

Methodological Note

This quarterly publication is prepared jointly by the German Ifo Institute, the French Insee institute, and the Italian Istat institute. The forecast results are based on consensus estimates building on common macroeconomic forecast methods by the three institutes. read on Methodological Note


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