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LMU-ifo Economics & Business Data Center (EBDC)

EBDC Business Panels

The EBDC provides innovative datasets of German companies which contain both survey data of the Ifo Institute as well as balance-sheet data from the company databases Amadeus and Hoppenstedt.

For researchers and guests of LMU and the Ifo Institute with strictly scientific purposes the EBDC Business Expectations Panel (focus: cyclical economic factors/balance-sheet data), the EBDC Business Investment Panel (focus: investment/balance-sheet data) and the EBDC Business Innovation Panel (focus: innovations/balance sheet data) are available in the EBDC. The Panels will be continually updated as regards time and content.

In this way we want to supplement the more qualitative aspects (business expectations, assessments, etc.) contained in the Ifo micro databases with accounting and structural company information and thus facilitate innovative approaches for empirical economic research.


For working with the EBDC´s data you need the approval of the research proposal. After checking the project description, which is part of the formal obligation for using EBDC Panel Data, access will be enabled. To use the data in the premises of the EBDC, see also Access Concept

Test Data Set

If you are interested in EBDC test data, please send an e-mail together with the formal obligation for using the EBDC Panel to contact person given below.


Heike Mittelmeier

LMU-ifo Economics & Business Data Center (EBDC)
Phone: +49(0)89/9224-1379
Fax: +49(0)89/985369
Email: mittelmeier @

Opening Hours of the EBDC

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