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Labour Market and Migration

Labour Market

Labour markets are at the core of any economy and at the same time highly influenced by regulations and collective bargaining processes. These regulations differ significantly across countries and lead to distinct labour market outcomes, i.e. employment and wages. DICE describes a broad range of labour market regulations. It focuses on active labour market policies and employment protection, but related areas like training schemes and wage bargaining institutions are also fully covered. Additional emphasis is placed on labour market outcomes like employment/unemployment and working time.


Migration flows have grown rapidly in recent decades and policy-makers have increasingly focused on issues related to international migration. Migration policies and the integration of immigrants have become central topics in the political discussion in many countries. There is also a growing interest in the impact that migration has on countries of origin. The migration field in the DICE database offers descriptive data on international migration, as well as information on the integration of immigrants, migration policies and institutional settings.

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