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Database for Institutional Comparisons in Europe (DICE)

The Database for Institutional Comparisons in Europe – DICE – is one of Ifo’s service products and can be accessed free-of-charge online. The database allows users to search for cross-country comparisons of systematic information on institutions, regulatory systems, legal requirements and the mechanisms of their application. Although DICE is not a statistical database, it also contains data on the outputs (economic effects) of institutions and regulations where relevant.

Search DICE

The entire DICE database is searchable. Here you can enter a search term for the whole database. Use the page Search the DICE Database to refine your search and set further filters.

Most recent entries to the DICE Database

  1. DICE Database (2016), Business regulations, 1995 - 2013 | Details | Download | Visual Story

  2. DICE Database (2016), Credit market regulations, 1970 - 2013 | Details | Download | Visual Story

  3. DICE Database (2016), Total outstanding residential loans to GDP ratio, 2003 - 2014 | Details | Download | Visual Story

  4. DICE Database (2016), Organ donation and transplantation rates, 2014 | Details | Download

Latest CESifo DICE Report Database Articles

  1. DICE Database (2016), Schooling Institutions and the Influence of Parental and Immigrant Background on Academic Performance | Details | Download

  2. DICE Database (2016), Environment and Democracy | Details | Download

  3. DICE Database (2016), The Extension of Collective Agreements in Europe | Details | Download

  4. DICE Database (2016), Taxation and Female Labor Supply in OECD Countries | Details | Download

Learn more about DICE

The Database for Institutional Comparisons in Europe – in short “DICE” – provides cross-country information on institutions, regulations and policies. In other words, on “the rules of the game in a given country”. DICE not only compares European countries. It also includes information on other major industrial economies, as well as the BRIC countries. read on

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