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Lunchtime Seminar TU Dresden

The midday seminar is organised by Prof. Marcel Thum, Director of the Dresden Branch of the Ifo Institute and Professor for Public Finance at the Technical University of Dresden and Prof. Dr. Alexander Kemnitz, Chair of Economic Policy and Economic Research, Department of Business and Economics, TU Dresden. Staff members of the TU Dresden, the Ifo Institute as well as external academics present and discuss their current research results at these seminars.

Time: Every Monday during term at 11:10 a.m.
Place: TU Dresden, Department of Economics, Schumann-Bau B 037, Münchner Platz 1/3, Dresden

SS 2015

Date Lecturer Topic
13.04.2015 Christine Kalenborn Regional Income Inequality Reduces Life Satisfaction: A Macroeconomic Empirical Analysis
20.04.2015 Michael Weber Decomposing changes in the German East-West wage gap
27.04.2015 Oliver Fiala Experiencing natural disasters: how this influences risk aversion and trust
18.05.2015 Christian Ochsner The real cost of war deconstruction: Evidence from a natural experiment in post-WW2 Styria
29.06.2015 Frank Thiel tba
13.07.2015 Xenia Frei and Felix Rösel tba

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