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Lunchtime Seminar TU Dresden

The midday seminar is organised by Prof. Marcel Thum, Director of the Dresden Branch of the Ifo Institute and Professor for Public Finance at the Technical University of Dresden. Staff members of the TU Dresden, the Ifo Institute as well as external academics present and discuss their current research results at these seminars.

Time: Every Monday during term at 11:10 a.m.
Place: TU Dresden, Department of Economics, Schumann-Bau B 037, Münchner Platz 1/3, Dresden

SS 2014

Date Lecturer Topic
14.04.2014 Jan Kluge Economic Diversification as Insurance against Employment Instability
28.04.2014 Robert Marx The relative review of financial market crises - when do they begin and when do they end!
05.05.2014 Christian Ochsner, Felix Rösel Expected Loss of Market Access – The Fear of an “Austrian GDR”
19.05.2014 Marcel Thum Der flächendeckende Mindestlohn
26.05.2014 Christine Kalenborn What I Don't Know Won't Hurt Me - The Importance of Distance in the Income Inequality-Satisfaction-Relationship
02.06.2014 Oliver Fiala Lunchtime Seminar TU Dresden
16.06.2014 Alexander Eck Lunchtime Seminar TU Dresden
23.06.2014 Heike Auerswald Cooperation and Punishment of Teams
30.06.2014 Kristina Leipold Lunchtime Seminar TU Dresden
07.07.2014 Lars Vandrei Lunchtime Seminar TU Dresden
14.07.2014 Robert Lehmann Export forecasts for European States: Are business surveys viable?

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