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CES Lectures Programme

CES guests take part in the faculty's PhD programme in offering 3-session graduate short courses on a topic in their areas of expertise. The students have to attend a certain number of these courses.

CES Lectures 2015

David Jaeger, City University of New York
3 - 30 January 2015
Topics in the Economics of Migration (3 lectures)
13, 15, and 22 January 2015, 10.15-11.45, CES, Schackstr. 4, 2nd floor, seminar room (207)
Course Outline, Slides 1, Slides 2, Slides 3

Dominic Rohner, University of Lausanne
2 - 13 February 2015
Economics of Conflict (3 lectures)
10 February 2015, 9.45 - 11.15; 11 and 12 February 2015, 9.15-10.45, CES, Schackstr. 4, 2nd floor, seminar room (207)
Course Outline

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